Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please pray for Nancy

Looks like she may be in for a bad week come Monday. Just a hunch. The hyenas are circling and the feeding frenzy appears ripe to begin any day. Pull up a chair.

Also... since I've already dirtied the air with a political post... I was just wondering -- is Teddy Kennedy still drawing a paycheck? Not that it would be wrong by Senate standards and ethics. Not saying that. If Senators Kerry and Obama never showed up, why should Ted? I swear to god this is not malicious muckraking. I was only curious. I know he didn't die because we would be in deep mourning for all he's done for our country. But I just haven't heard anything about him since Inauguration Day when Obama stuck a spoon in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his tongue. Any updates you may have on the absent senator from Massachusetts would be appreciated. And updates on brother Al Franken too, please. Hmmmm... that's two states that start with M that only have one senator. I think I see a pattern here.

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In other happier news, I have just been invited by juno007 to become his 341st friend on Blog Catalog. Juno007 has been with Blog Catalog since March of this year and writes,
"hi i juz visited yur blog.i wud love if u visit mine and click ads" 
Ah, yes. Tempting. Of course I can't help but wonder if friend number 127 is still being properly attended to. Perhaps they go out for drinks and what not. juno007 has several blogs. He blogs about software and tourist destinations, specializing in Southeast Asia. So I suppose it is easy to understand my excitement at this invitation. Recent shouts to juno007's shoutbox include this gem by "Peculiar Dad" which simply asks juno007, "hey there. appreciate your visit. do you know about jesus?" Well, fuck no, PC - why don't you tell me? And this from urawabisnis, who said: "tanks to join be my friends. you have nice blog too"

Heartwarming, no?

And, finally, this from bettieblogger: "heya, juno :) thanks for the visit! did you mean my Bettie blog or my Cooking blog? take care, Bettie"

Ehhhhhhh... your COOKING blog, Bettie. Yeah. That's the ticket.

So there you are. I will leave it up to you to decide if I gain a new blog buddy in Malaysia or not. I always trust your judgement. Please let me know what to do in your comments.

Some of you know I live in cowboy country. Well, Indian country is more like it, but the Indians are cowboys so I guess I live in cowboy country too. We drive pickups. Old pickups. Often with sheep in them. None are insured. When I say Indians, I mean feather, not dot. (Thank you Ettarose) although we have several dots as well who live here. Sunday mornings are quiet in our little New Mexico town. Downright peaceful, actually. This is mostly because the Indians are still in jail from Saturday night, and none of the Mexicans have gotten their trucks started yet.

I was stopped at a stoplight behind a rather natty faded blue 1957 Apache Chevy with one brown door, and a rocking chair in the back holding an old squaw who glared straight at me for the duration of the red light, and I chuckled at the clever cowboy bumpersticker stuck to the rust on the back bumper: "Horn broke. Watch for finger signals."

That about says it all for me for this time.


  1. Congratulations on that Blog Catalog friendship...that is some happening place for meaningful interpersonal relationships.

    Or, perhaps not.

    I remember driving in Boston when we lived there in the early 90s, and they not only used horns but also the finger signals. A very thorough, indeed academic way of conveying displeasure!

    The pedantic tone of this comment horrifies me, BTW, but am too tired (and lazy, let's not forget that one) to rewrite.

    Next time I comment I'll do something completely different :)

  2. Page 1-
    I never pray for anyone.

    Page 2-
    Blog Catalog has been a bit fun at times, but like Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon and every other sort of social site, the spammers have found them and think this is the way to fortune and fortune. Still, you have to love a name like juno007.

    Cowboy Country? Indian County? Are you in New Delia or Sydney? Isn't squaw one of those words that is supposed to be struck from the base of the obelisk and never seen again? Shame on you for using it.

  3. No, don't be friends with Juno007. He's using you.

    LOL @ Feathers, not Dots. :-)

    I used to live in New Mexico! Las Cruces. (sp?) I was age 3-6 or something.

    I don't know anything about Kennedy or Franken. Did he finally get elected after they counted all the votes?

  4. @Lidian - Your pedantic comment is noted and still much appreciated.

    You liked my post. You found it very interesting. :)

    Can't ask for more than that in the grand scheme of things.

  5. Page 1: I see. Just as well since I was being sarcastic when I said it. (Soon-to-be-ex speaker Pelosi and I don't see quite eye to eye with regard to political philosophy, so one less prayer will be a-ok.)

    Page 2: I am going to arbitrarily take your comment as a "no" vote on the BC friendship question. That's 3 "no" votes. Plenty enough for me. The new secret agent from Kuala Lampur will have to live without Relax Max. Thanks.

    Filler: Feather, not dot. Keep up. Yes, very un-PC indeed. However I do not dwell in the land of the PC. I use the words the Native Americans around me use: (1) they call themselves Indians; (2) They hold squaw dances in the summer and give away prizes for... never mind. It's like a dance. You and I aren't invited.

    [The operative concept here - what I am trying to say - is that the Indians use the word squaw sometimes. We can all agree that it really means cunt, but old habits are hard to break for both sides. But that is no excuse and you are right for pointing it out. While I am at it, I also apologize for using the word Mexican instead of Mexican-American if they were that. Several of my neighbors are Mexican though. If it is any consolation, the Indians are not very PC when it comes to making up names for the white man, either.]

  6. @Angelika - Hi!

    1. K, I won't. :)

    2. The original joke was Ettarose's. But she probably stole it too, knowing her. Funny though.

    3. Did you really? Las Cruces is much larger now than it was then. You might like it. Visit sometime. I don't live near there. It is near to El Paso, Texas.

    4. Franken? No, he didn't get elected when they counted the votes. Only when they also counted the spoiled ballots and the faked ballots they found in pollworkers car trunks. Heh. Surprisingly, enough to put him over the top when he was behind. But now his opponent is suing to make them not count the spoiled ones and the "found" ones. I love politics.

    Remember Al Franken (his main job was being a comic on Saturday Night Live) also appeared in a movie called Changing Places, with Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy, in which "Senator" Al Franken, and animal keeper or something, got raped by a gorilla. Remember that movie? Anyway, that is the Al Franken who wants to be Senator and probably will be.

  7. I love that you think Dot not Feather was humorous. I know you do not find a lot of what I write to be humorous (tis okay though I'll live) so finding one or two items does make me proud. Al Franken was not even really funny on SNL I would hate for him to elected for dog catcher. We have enough funny asses in office as it is. Phoenix has a mountain called Squaw Peak. Well the last time I lived there they did. So if a mountain can be called Squaw I guess an Indian (feather not dot) can be called one also. Are you still reading this long ass comment? Oh and one more thing. I heard you are not supposed to call women, women anymore. It's not PC. We are "Breasted Americans."

  8. @Ettarose - Thank you for your comment and feaher dot joke. Although it, too is un-pc. The prominent landscape feature innocently called Squaw Peak has, of course, had it's name changed. It is now Piestewa peak, named after the Hopi lady who was the first American female Native American soldier to lose her life in combat. (In the beginning of Iraq.) The Hopis live some distance north and east of Phoenix. The renaming of Phoenix' beloved landmark was, Phoencians saw, also the time to honor Lori. You may recall that she and her friend got separated from their convoy and crashed, with driver Lori Piestewa being killed, and friend, Jessica Lynch, being severely injured and capured. Jessica Lynch was later famously rescued from the hospital by U.S. Special Forces. You may have seen a picture of Lori on another of my previous posts. If not, here she is, and Jessica, and both together. (The latter is courtesy of the Piestewa Family.)

  9. @Ettarose - Lori's daughter lives with her grandparents, I believe. Jessica has become quite close to the family. In this picture, Jessica is shown with Carla. At some fund raiser - I think for the Hopi Tribal College

  10. Yes, my mother used to go to El Paso to shop. I was young enough then that I thought a regular hamburger from McDonalds was a Big Mac. :-)

    I remember Franken from SNL too, which is why I couldn't believe that he even ran for senator. But then, Cal-ee-foh-nyuh elected The Terminator for Governor, so whatever.

    BTW, this is the same damned post from 2 days ago. Change it!

  11. Hai. Late visiting your nice+good blog but hope u too vist my nice+uplifting blog regularly and touched my ads

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  12. Juno007 is king of the internet - the sooner you realize that the better off we'll all be.
    You're in the scavenger hunt - oh man, I'm losing control of my own contest -- I gotta go figure out what the hell is going on!

  13. You're welcome:
    password: llama

  14. @Angelika - A Big Mac and El Paso all on the same day. What more could you ask for? :)

    Al Franken will fit in just find for Minnesota. They are the same ones who had Jesse The Body Ventura as governor. Of course he was much better than Al.

    I will change the post today, just for you. :)

  15. @A. - Don't start with me. Such a troublemaker. :)

    @Canucklehead - Well, I tried, anyway. I don't know if I will get away with it or not. The rules (at the ad agency) said I could join just so I could post in the forums, but today I got an email from them saying they were going to cancel everyone who didn't have an ad widget. Since I am not into advertising widgets anymore, I guess I will be kicked out before I really get started. I hope I last until your event gets started.

    Thank you for the gamesite. I am a game playing fool. When I am awake.

    So much to tell you, so little time.



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