Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in New Mexico, haven to Arizona's fleeing misunderstood immigrants. I love it.

I have survived several days deep in the jungles in the environs of the Great Salt Lake and I have lived to tell the tale.

But not today.

Home sweet home by the Rio Grande.
Vista encantada.


  1. This is what they call the wow factor! I've heard of these things called mountains but, well, wow! I realise I live in flatland.

  2. I have to admit, grudgingly, that these are great. Stunning even. So. Is this competition?

  3. Makes me want to live in Albuquerque... and that would be hard.

    Lovely pics.

  4. They're not my pictures but thank you for the undeserved compliment. I am undeserving. I suck as a photographer. I will probably inflict some of my sucy photos upon you at a later date though. The pictures on this post are good pictures from advertising shots and tourist bureaus.

    Shakespeare, I don't get why that would be hard.

  5. Jeff, that's great. It's a pretty cool place form what I saw. Mostly I was visiting in Park City, but I also came downtown to do some sight seeing one day. And the airport, of course. I made it rain while I was there. :)



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