Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Current crop of starry-eyed GOP hopefuls: My early picks for 2012

Here are the current batch of Republican contenders for President Obama's job. Obama seems to be self-destructing as this is being written but I personally think he still has enough juice with the entitlement crowd/Republican haters to win a second term (my prediction. Write it down.) I will vote for him if he does two things (stop spending so much and bring all the troops home.) His competition is shown below in order of my estimation of their chance to get the Republican nomination. Says I.

Below is Texas governor Rick Perry, numbah one contendah. Teaparty likes him. Christians like him. Has no problem sleeping at night after executions, he says. Independents iffy, though, and they will decide this election.

Below is ex-governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. Can win if Independents stay on his bandwagon and he stays uncontroversial. He's a Mormon though, and that matters to some. He's the other man who could definitely be the next U.S. President if Obama stumbles for some reason.
Below is Michele Bachmann, a U.S. Congresswoman from Minnesota. Mother of 5 and foster mother of 23. Dyed in the wool Teaparty Republican. Chronic migraine sufferer who gets medically out of commission for days at a time, say her detractors. Probably is more conservative than even Gov. Perry. Probably more conservative than Calvin Coolidge, come to think of it. Will fade fast though, as the election gets nearer. Says I. If she somehow DOES get the GOP nomination, Obama with crack her open like a nut; I don't think Michele can take the heat of a head on American Presidential campaign, especially the way Obama and company will play. She would need a LOT of aspirin to withstand an Obama team onslaught. But maybe she has a quiet inner toughness that I just don't know about. I don't underestimate women anymore.
The above 3 are contenders. The 4 below are long-shots. Loooooooooooong shots.

Below is pictured Newt Gingrich, historian, teacher, and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Is knowledgeable and experienced and could do the job, but has an unfortunate history of deserting a wife on her cancer deathbed for mistress, now current wife. Some people don't like that in a President, although Clinton never gave a second thought to marital fidelity, so there's that precedent. My hunch is that Americans have probably had about enough of Newt, though.
Below is pictured Herman Cain, whom I would vote for but won't get the chance. He is a businessman and has never been a politician at any level. Worked for Pillsbury and was CEO of Godfather's Pizza, national chain. A history of reviving dead corporations. His ideas (such as doing away with the IRS and creating a simple flat tax) are too smart and workable for people to vote for him, though. That's just not the American way. Not afraid to attack Obama's policies, and does. Too bad, Mr. Cain. Teaparty seems to like him, though, and has lifted him to surprising contention from out of nowhere.
Below is pictured Rick Santorum. Conservative Teaparty kind of guy. A former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. "In your face" lawyer politician. Too many political liabilites (pro-Iraq war, homophobe) and spouts off with opinions too much to ever be President. Some think differently than I, but not enough to get the job done for him, I say.
Below is former Utah governor and Reagan clone Ron Huntsman. That pretty much sums it up.
And then you have the perennial looney tunes guy, below, who is a bit too naive to get more than 3 votes. That's sort of too bad, from an idealistic standpoint. I think I'll stick with real- world thinking though. My pick? Herman Cain. Wouldn't vote for any of the others. Will vote for Obama if he brings the troops home and stops borrowing money. I guess that means I will not be voting for either a Democrat or a Republican again this time.

14 months to go and still to get in is Sarah Palin, and her ego will make her get in. I will put her chances below Michele Bachmann but above Newt Gingrich. Possibly NJ governor Chris Christie will still get in. If so, he goes to the top of the list and I vote for him (unless Obama... well, you know.) Christie is too smart to get in until 2016, though.

Speaking of egos, there's still Donald Trump in the wings, threatening to run as a candidate for a party other than the Republicans or Democrats. Libertarian? Naw. Greens? Get real. Certainly not the Socialist Workers or Communist ticket. If he does go third-party, then Obama's a shoo-in because Trump would only take far-right Republican voters away from Republicans. My opinion.

Below is Republican Member of Congress Ron Paul, Medical Doctor and dreamer of dreams.


  1. Looking at the front benches in the House of Commons I see the worst UK parliament that I can recall. Looking at that bunch of false teethed wannabees I have no hope for the US either. The EU is run by faceless committees, and while we all live in a fug of confusion China and India give the impression of taking over, and without our basic ideals.

    Hmmm the future is bright....

  2. Well, I'm going to have to display my ignorance and ask, what is GOP? I gather that these people want to be elected as the Republican candidate for the presidency but what do the initials GOP stand for? Please.

  3. OH I know this one! Grand Old Party.
    *pats self on back*

  4. Really? Is that what it means? Thank you, Sue. :)

  5. How do you suppose they all managed before the days of tooth whiteners? Some of those smiles would blind you.

  6. Gop? It's Glop without the L, surely.

    I don't follow U.S. politics with any great fervour, despite the fact that whoever gets into the white house has the power to end the world.
    And I realise that anything i hear or read has probably been distorted one way or another by spin doctors or journalistic foes, but....
    please, please, none of the above...

    Well, not the main contenders anyway. I heard Perry speak, on TV, at a huge bible-thumper rally. Argh.
    Michele Bachman? Oh please no. I'm sure her name's an anagram of loopy bigot.
    Well, at least she's less flamboyant than Sarah Palin. Less likely to shoot a moose from the podium, but otherwise, just as frightening a prospect.
    Romney? Well, I know almost nothing about him, but I can't help but wonder if he wears mormon underwear and has seven wives. seriously though, Joseph Smith, and the prophet Mormon.

  7. Yes A, that's what it means, just give it a google.

  8. @Adullamite - I had never really noticed their teeth until you and A. mentioned it. All politicians have sneaky smiles, you know that. You seem more dank than usual today. I hope something happens to perk you up. Perhaps if you plan a pilgrimage to the Reagan statue, that will get your juices flowing again. He had wonderful teeth (when compared to Maggie) so I hope the statue does him justice. Throw something at it and see it it sticks. :) Please don't fret about China and India. Sufficient unto today is the evil thereof.

    @A. GOP stands for Google Our Party. Actually it was intended to be "Grand Ole Opry" but the letters got transposed. Some (adullamite, I mean) say that you would do better watching your front benchers or Torries or Socialists in Labour or your Conservative Sodomites, or whatever your politcal parties are called. I have an intuition that someone else will tell you the right answer and then (later) tell you to Google. Just in case that happens, I want you to know that no Googling is allowed on this blog. Thank you. :)

  9. @A. - That really wasn't a very good display of ignorance. You can do better. :) Besides, I know you already know the answer. You are just trying to participate in something you don't care about. :)

    @Sue - You're going to break your arm patting yourself on the back one of these days. :) How come you know so much about Republicans? I thought Ohio was all unionized.

    @Sheila - The British seem to have an abnormal interest in teeth. Just an observation. I myself have perfect teeth. Imagine how fit I would be if I had free nationalized health care. It boggles. :)

    @Soubriquet - You follow U.S. politics closer than any American I know. :) You know all their names and what their lies are and everything. Don't worry about the present white house occupant ending the world. I don't think he can even find his way upstairs. The guy on the tv news yesterday says Obama gives so many speeches from the rose garden that he things Obama has lost the keys to the white house and won't admit it. Sleeping outside by the basketball court. But I would never say that. I think you should be careful about insulting Perry. He IS your governor. You speak of Bible thumping as if it were a bad thing. Someday the world will learn. I will have to set the Vicar on you.

    She's not less flamboyant than Palin. Palin has been banned because of her unfortunate annoying harpy shrill voice. You are right about not knowing anything about Mormons, though. :)

    @Sue - Sue? Sue? Don't do that please. When people google they have to leave my blog, Not a good thing. Google is of the devil anyway. I think you need a dose of the Vicar again too. :)

  10. Are you kidding me? I have to leave your blog every 5 minutes to look up information from the comments left here. Then I realize that no one else is fact checking so I come back and leave comments like 'I love your blog, I learn a lot here'.

    Has he come back here?

    Ohio has a small core of independent thinkers lurking around the outskirts of the unions.

  11. I did once work for some mormons, they were really nice people, and I was careful not to say anything at all about religion.

    I've learned a bit about their beliefs, partly because I have a relative who is one. well, probably several...

    I'm prepared to believe that some christians are probably good people, but in no greater proportion than heathens like me.
    whilst I am generally in favour of executing murderers, I find it strange that so many 'christians' also believe in the death penalty.
    my early upbringing taught me that vengeance is not mine, and that I should leave it to the god person to deal out retribution.

  12. My two cents worth adjusted for change and inflation (which means I'm already in the negative) is that if Michelle Bachmann wins the Republican nomination and somehow manages to win the White House, I am moving to Canada and learning to love hockey.

  13. @Sue - I meant people have to leave my blog if they go to Google stuff and most never come back because they find other interesting stuff over at google to visit. I wasn't banning. :)

    @Soubriquet - Your comment about multiple wives is what led me to believe you were speaking of pre Utah statehood times, or sects which are currently being prosecuted. Mitt Romney is of the mainline Moron faith.

  14. @Sue - I meant people have to leave my blog if they go to Google stuff and most never come back because they find other interesting stuff over at google to visit. I wasn't banning. :)

    @Soubriquet - Your comment about multiple wives is what led me to believe you were speaking of pre Utah statehood times, or sects which are currently being prosecuted. Mitt Romney is of the mainline Moron faith.

  15. @ Linda - Don't do that! Anyway, you won't have to. :)



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