Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Major Award

It is with a full heart that I humbly accept the prestigious Leibster Blog Award, given to me by my good blogger friend Sue, the talented writer who so ably runs the blog called Runaround Sue which I hope you all will now visit and comment on.

I was only kidding about her blog being named "Runaround Sue." That's just a song by Dion and the Belmonts from the 1880s. The real name of her blog is "View of Sue" although you won't really have a view of her if you go there which I hope you do. You can use the same Runaround Sue link (but it will take you somewhere else.) Kidding. Of course it will take you to her blog. The linkback is to let her know I got the award ok and that I have 3 followers.

Sue doesn't really read my blog very often, I don't think. Few do. This was pretty much a pity award on her part. She said she was only allowed to give this major award to 5 bloggers. 5 really cool bloggers, I think is how she put it.

The purpose of the award is to attract new followers and direct attention to other noteworthy blogs. Accordingly, I am allowed to pass this award on to 5 bloggers. That's a poser, of course, since the last time I did that you may recall I ended up in the hospital with that back injury thing. So there's that. After much thought, here is the first of my list of five blogs I have been impressed with and would like to nominate this award to. I will go invite him. The other 4 I will post at a later date, so as to get as much exposure as I possibly can.


  1. I'm sure your nominee will very much appreciate the award. Who's Barry O?

  2. Waiting for me to explain who he is so you don't have to click? Seems more work for me than you to just click. :) Sorry to keep you waiting. I have not been on top of my game lately.



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