Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The first thing on the list will insure failure all by itself. So if you feel you cannot stick to a full and balanced program, at least practice number one.

1. Learn the habit of putting things off until tomorrow.

2. Learn the blame game. It’s not fair. It’s not your fault. You’re not responsible.

3. Be selfish. Take what you can get. The plight of others is not your concern.

4. Seek constant pleasure and instant gratification. Do not defer pleasure or rewards. Do not endure temporary hardship and unpleasantness. Look for shortcuts.

5. Be entitlement-minded: they owe it to you. You’ve got it coming.

6. Give up easily. Accept your lot in life. It wasn’t meant to be.

7. Don’t take risks. Never put yourself on the line. Protect what you’ve got. Build a protective bunker. They’re out to get you.

8. Never risk emotional pain, heartache, or the possibility of disappointment. Never expose your true feelings.

9. Do not set goals. You will only be disappointed when you don’t reach them. Be flexible and ready to change course at the first difficulty.

10. Understand that formal education is a waste of time. Learn to live by your wits and natural inclinations.


  1. 11. If it's not worth doing, it's not worth doing right.

  2. I win the pool! I bet I could garner one comment on this pathetic rip-off post! Yay!



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