Friday, June 26, 2009

Channel Crossing: A little late for D-Day and going the wrong direction, anyway.

This post was originally going to be a description of my first kiss, but a more newsworthy event is in process.

The Travelling Spouse is coming home.

After what seems like forever - 4 months, I think - in France, our little A. is coming home to Winchester Cathedral. That's why she has those pictures of it today on her blog. I think. Maybe not - she's pretty religious, as most of you know. (No, she doesn't actually live at Winchester Cathedral. Sheesh!)

As I write this, God willing, she has arrived at Versailles and has taken the pictures of the fountain and gardens I have "requested" her to take. And has hopefully then found a place to spend the night, since it is, like, almost 3am over there right now as I write this.

Then, more pictures for me at the port of Le Havre before driving her auto aboard and setting sail. Another six or seven hours of leaning over the rail barfing the last of the rich French food out of her system into the choppy seas and she will be safely home to Merry Olde England. Just a few clicks up the road from Portsmouth to said Winchester Cathedral and - voila! (as her beloved French brothers and sisters would say) - and it's home to finally rest in your own bed. If it is still there.

Please upload my pictures before going to bed, if you please, though.

Godspeed little A.

Your comment on this post will be our signal you have arrived safely.


Update: I feel so badly about lying about A. barfing over the railing that my conscience made me do this update apology. A. has made the channel crossing so many times, she hardly would barf, even in choppy seas. Only sleep, most probably. So I apologize!


  1. Just a taster. No more until I see if I get any brownie points for achieving half my duties.

  2. A. welcome home sweety. Just think, your arrival is more important than Max's first kiss. I wonder if there was a first kiss. You know how he likes to tell stories.

  3. Everyone - please DO click on the above link in A.'scomment and look at some of her beautiful pictures of Versailles she took for us.



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