Sunday, May 1, 2011

Suicide by spike-hammer, uncontrollable Chinamen, and so much more.

I love reading really old newspapers, especially small town newspapers which cram in news from all over the world and run serial romance novels. I love the old adverts too. The following are from the May 11, 1883 edition of the "Three Rivers (Michigan) Tribune". There is SO much more good stuff that I haven't pulled for examples, you could spend an afternoon reading it. I did.

Note: Should you choose to follow the link at the top and read more of this interesting old newspaper, the navagation is at the top right when you get there. Just pull the dark rectangle around like a map. Use your browser's zoom to make it readable. Enjoy!


  1. Compulsive reading!

    "murdered his child... while laboring under religious excitement"

    "Mrs Moore had been living apart from her husband, was expecting a divorce, and received attentions from her murderer"

    "pronounced dynamite as simply personal warfare"

    Now I have to visit the source. It will keep me out of mischief this evening.

  2. @Jeff King - I do love reading those bits of history!

    @A. - You would be surprised at how active the Irish groups in America were back then. Even in this little newspaper, there were several mentions of meetings and such. I don't know if it was just a hobby or if they were really serious IRA supporters. I don't think the IRA got much money from America. I don't even know if it existed in the 1880s.

    Tongue is hard in cheek about the no money from America.



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