Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Was anyone aware that Blogcatalog still exists?

Well it does, apparently. After many months of silence I today received notice from them that someone new was following me. So I went to Blogcatalog, for the first time since I was much younger, and, lo, it is still there. It is very different and they have lost all the avatars of me and my countless past followers, and nobody is reading it or using it anymore (except new bloggers who don't know how nice and fun it used to be before they got uppity and mercenary.)

But they are still not updating anybody's blog posts. So that is still like the old system.

Since I felt the need to replace their generic avatar of a cartoon woman with glasses and a notepad with my real avatar that they lost during their conversion, I took the opportunity to update my entire profile with them, so newbies can bask in my glory once again over there. I respect you who read this blog, and therefore wish to save you an actual trip to Blogcatalog, so my new profile is reproduced below. Thank you.

[Note: if you are still using Blogcatalog and think it is good, please take this post as a joke. Thank you.]

Relax Max

New Mexico


Relax Max is amazing. Read all his blogs daily.

About Relax

Why do you blog?
I hope to be discovered as a great writer and receive a large advance.

If you could, what would you rename 'blogging'?

Has blogging impacted your life? How?
You mean "affected"? It hasn't "impacted" me, as in hit by a bus. So no, I guess. It has made me dumb down my writing a bit.

Who is your favorite band right now?
Glenn Miller

Why are they your favorite?
They're old

What book are you reading now?
Dog of the South

What is your favorite book?
You mean right now?

What is it about this book that you really like?
It isn't really about a dog. Isn't that cool?

What is your favorite movie of all time?
That's a toughie. "Wayne's World", probably.

What is it about this movie that makes it your favorite?
Hard to explain.

Who is your favorite author?
You mean, like, OF ALL TIME? Maybe ... George Bush? No?

Why is he/she your favorite?
Because he/she is gone now.

What are you most proud of?
Being privileged to be an astronaut and walk on the moon.

Share two things about you that no one knows :)?
Why would I want to do that? :) ?


  1. Yes, I ran across the new Blogcatelog not too long ago as well.

    I was too lazy to bother with the whole new profile thing. I did get a giggle out of your answer to the impact question.

  2. Don't give me that. I saw you had updated your avatar over there. :)

  3. I knew it.

    I haven't done anything, but, for some reason, I'm on their mailing lists so I'm always getting email from them.

    I have no idea why.

  4. I went back and updated a while ago. It was good once but since they revamp it became difficult to use, and while those who became 'friends' to sell something have been dumped the whole set up needs renewing.

  5. I keep getting emails from them assuring me that they are updating things. It also felt like they were trying to persuade me to part with some money to join something or other, but I've never gone as far as finding out any more. Now I don't have to, since you've told me all I need to know.

  6. I guess I shouldn't be upset at change. But I left Entrecard because of what I thought was greedy change and high-handed disregard for what their members wanted, and I see Blogcatalog going down the same path. Members on sites like that are not property to be pimped or harvested - or told how it is going to be. People joined Blogcatalog for a reason, and when you change it so much it isn't recognized anymore, then people will leave in droves. It appears they have.

  7. I think I joined Blugcatalog for a reason but can't remember. Probably because everyone else was and I didn't want to be left out. I get emails from them saying I have a new follower once in a while. I keep saying, "I should get over to that site." I don't think I've been there since I joined. Why did I join? I don't know. Do you have to have a password there? I'm sure I don't know it now.

  8. Did you have permission to use that avatar for which BlogCatalog paid for? That's pretty outstanding behavior given that you don't have permission to use it and BC paid to have it designed. Though I'll give you permission since I'm the owner of BC. You've got a great blog. Really interesting. Even your answers to your bio questions are somewhat amusing though probably will get you more connected and more readers if you took time to take it slightly more seriously.


    Tony Berkman

  9. ps. your feed is updated. We have increased the speed at which we can obtain feeds where a bloggers wants us to to over 10x our capacity at any time in the past.

  10. Well, thank you for your comment, Anthony. I think you probably take it seriously enough for the both of us already. :)

  11. Antony, I meant. Sorry for the misspelling of your name.

  12. @Sue - You don't know my password.



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