Friday, July 15, 2011

Analyzing Balls

Here is an analysis of the various sports that are most popular with different types of workers.

1. Basketball is the sport of choice for urban poor.

2. Bowling is the sport of choice for maintenance employees.

3. Football is the sport of choice for regular line workers.

4. Baseball is the sport of choice for supervisors.

5. Tennis is the sport of choice for middle to upper management.

6. Golf is the sport of choice for top executives and company officers.

Conclusion of analysis:

The higher you go up the corporate ladder the smaller your balls get.

Many thanks to whomever I stole this from originally. Although they stole it too. I need to keep better notes on sources.


  1. Very clever. :)

    I don't think a cricket balls quite fit in.

  2. I've seen a version for servicemen that was written (or adapted) by a marine. Just guessing of course.

  3. I never thought about it really.

    good points.

  4. That was me, I'm the originator of this ball piece. Your Welcome. ;-)

  5. @A. - I have never checked, but I would imagine cricket balls to be quite small. Smaller even than grasshopper balls. So... I assume played with by only presidents and prime ministers.

    @Sheila @ A Postcard a Day - A servicemen version adapted by a Marine? Of what? Oh, the balls thing. You must be commenting on this silly post. I admire your pluck. :)

    @Jeff King - This is pretty scientific.

    @Sue - Sounds like something you would author. You can take your ball piece back if you are here to make copyright trouble. I've had enough of that this week. Incidentally, the ball pics are all royalty-free images I can use forever for any possible non-pornographic purpose, private or commercial, available on one handy CD.

  6. I swim.

    How does that fit in?

    Oh, wait, I don't have balls.

    Never mind.



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