Monday, September 26, 2011

Think Tank

My research tells me a "Think Tank" is a group of people who are dedicated to researching a particular subject, and advocating for that subject.

Think Tanks are formal organizations, even non-profit, funded by various advocacy groups or even the government. (At least I think that is what I gleaned from my reading on the subject.)

I think I just found another area in which to cut the budget and tax the rich at the same time. Unfortunately it seems (from what I can see) that most of these so-called Think Tanks are self-described "Progressive" -cause advocates, so that isn't about to happen. The progressive thinkers won't even admit they are rich and that their causes and expensive soap boxes (and the advertising thereof) shouldn't be tax-exempt. There are a lot of bug-eyed far right tankers out there too, though.

On the other hand, I may have just stumbled across a second income on the side for us, should we decide to form an official one, pontificate, publish our pontifications, and pay ourselves a salary from our admirers' donations. Don't think I'm kidding. I never kid when it comes to money. :)

But I digress into a progressive-bashing rant. I'm truly sorry for that. What I really want is to explore Think Tanks here. Or do we already have one in operation here and I just don't realize it?

Let's talk about some. One. Does anyone know what The Fabian Society is? Supposedly started in the UK in 1884. Are they still going? What do they research and advocate? It's ok to Google if you want to, since I don't know the answer myself and it is not a trick question.


  1. 'Thnk Tanks' in the UK are all right wing. They used to be 'liberal.' Either way their pronouncements always meant they and their kind came out on top.

  2. The Fabian Society thinks it's socialist and it's still going strong. There are dozens of others.

  3. Awesome! Permission to google freely. I've always wanted to say, "I'm a member of a think tank." So I am officially applying for The Relax Max Think Tank. I'm jobless at the moment and you did mention money.
    I have a few things to do today but I'll get right on to googling Fabian. He was a little before my time but I'll see what I can come up with.

  4. I had to look it up (Wikipedia). It wasn't what I expected.

    I prefer tankless thinking.

  5. @Adullamite - I think there can be think tanks about everything. Doesn't have to be progressive like I said in the post. We aren't a think tank here though on this blog because we can never agree on anything. :)

  6. @A. - I googled it after the post. I don't think they only "think" they are liberal. :)

    Too bad we can't find a common purpose because we are all good thinkers.

  7. @Sue - You can always google in a new window if you want to. :) Just keep my blog open in the background. I'm so glad you have decided to start coming around again. I'm not sure you can survive long enough for us to make money. What do you want to advocate? Wikipedia says think tanks have to advocate something.

    @Stephanie Barr - What did you think it meant? That sounds more interesting. :) Id on't know what I thought it meant. I had just glossed over it all these years when I read it. I thought a bunch of eggheads at a university or something like that. I had no idea they got paid to think about things. Grants. Sad that most of us don't have the credentials to be taken seriously like college professors (well, some of us do) and cabinet members.

  8. Well, I guess if Vicar Ezra can get ordained online, I can buy a couple of diplomas. Like the Wizard of Oz, it is the credentials that count. I think I will be a scientist. But I suppose we should choose a research subject before we get our credentials. What do you think will draw grants nowadays?

  9. We used to have think tanks when I worked in an ad agency. I always thought the term was rather illustrious for was essentially was "coked up ad execs coming down from highs".

    PS: I was a copywriter so I wasnt coked u. ;)



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