Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two or three things

godard, tea, wood, metal, lissitzky, eames, uniforms, neutrals, avocados, made in u.s.a, opera, alice waters, django reinhardt, bali, jean prouvé, trains, sand dunes, wilco, avocados, maps, l'avventura, rodarte, wyoming, espadrilles, sea, victorian, corbusier, grey, red, anna karina, this american life, denim, trousers, tall ships, bauhaus, stripes, lines, spirals, fibonnaci, josef müller-brockmann, robert smithson, general stores, lavender, constructivism, nyc, elvis, prada, man ray, roark, moholy-nagy, mozart, twine, walker evans, succulents, picasso, todos santos, neil young, frida kahlo, dadaism, ayn rand, tao, gershwin, teak, mosses, william eggleston, leather, clay, shells, matisse, canvas, the blues, savannah, luigi ghirri, shaker, pedro almodovar, tall ships, saul leiter, mackintosh, rudolf schindler, beijing, donald judd, paris, monasteries, charlie parker, calvin klein, bolinas, rome, fellini, agnes martin, ballet, paul newman, newspaper, walter cronkite, julius shulman, hemingway, fog horns, john steinbeck, corn tortillas

I know nothing of the vast majority of these things. I recommend you visit this blog though.


  1. @A. - Really? I only know what 7 of these things are, and possibly Elvis, so thank you for letting me know how tasteful I am. It was sheer good breeding, I assure you. I was hoping you would be impressed with the fog horns, at least. :)

  2. I also have joy dee veever. Or as the Swedes spell it, joie de vivre.

    Quite a lot, actually.

  3. I gave up at Wyoming and visited the blog you recommended.

    Which seven? I'll see your seven and raise sand dunes.



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