Thursday, May 31, 2012


Based on, or at least inspired by, an original composition for lute back in the Renaissance (Hans Neusiedler, 1536), this arrangement is credited to Orff's collaborator, Gunild Keetman. It is one of the pieces from the "Schulwerk." Indeed, the composition has primarily been a tool used in elementary school music classes. This is from "Orff-Schulwerk, Volume 1: Musica Poetica; Celestial Harmonies 13104-2.

It has been borrowed in many variations in the soundtracks of many motion pictures, including Badlands, True Romance, Ratcatcher, Monster, and Finding Forrester. True, it may not really be a Gassenhauer. But it is, was, and ever will be, for children.

To me, it is much more straightforward: a marvelous canon for percussion. Enjoy again.



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