Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kofi Onan Withdraws

Will Kofi Onan complete his mission in Syria? Or will he suspend operations and withdraw altogether?


Onan to world: "Increase the pressure."

But the world wonders what will it take to RELIEVE the tension in these inflamed parts.

Britain's U.N. envoy warns TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Time? Something is running out for sure. Opportunities are being wasted. In the air and on the ground.

Moby Dick: "There she blows! She blows!''

We can only hope Kofi Onan's plan will "take hold." Indeed. Get a grip on things. Try to relax.

Be bold Kofi! Take the bull by the horns and shake it! Avast Assad!

Far from disengaging, the U.N. Security Council believes "much tougher action" will be required.

Holy Mackerel!

Carrot, stick. Carrot, stick. Thrust, parry. Thrust, parry. Stick and move, stick and move.

Mark Lyall Grant: "Time is clearly running out for the Kofi Onan plan, but ALL OUR ENERGIES ARE FOCUSED ON MAKING THAT PLAN WORK! ASSAD MUST WITHDRAW!

Russia and China have refused to call for his removal.

Onan is on the job.

In-depth coverage brought by Times of India.

In other Indian Times news today: "EUROPE'S CRISIS EXPLODES."


  1. Assad today states he is now on a 'war footing.' Which means things will only get worse. Hmmmm

    1. Much of his army has defected. Turkey is rumbling.

      I'm not going to post about Onan anymore.

  2. Maybe Thabo Mbeki can give it a try (Morgan Freeman can play him too, very efficient deployment of resources).

    1. I have heard that name before somewhere. Isn't he a Republican?

      Efficient deployment of resources, huh. :)



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