Sunday, July 15, 2012

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This blog is primarily about trying to make things clear. Mainly research notes for myself. Whenever I come across similar websites, I try to learn from them. I have seldom seen a site with more helpful advice and clarity than the one I discovered today which offers free articles on an amazing array of subjects. They appear to all be written by Chinese speakers who have made up English-sounding (to them) names so we won't think they are Chinese who are unfamiliar with the English language. For some fine examples of these helpful articles, please peruse the following. I hope you don't get knowledge overload or get rich too quickly.

I was going to put a link to this site, but then my brain kicked in and said to my fingers, "Don't be silly."

Alternatively, these may simply be the product of a very old version of babelfish.

If any links survived the copy-paste function, please don't follow them.

Simple Guideline In Terms Of Precious jewelry

Jewelry is a well-liked fashion accessory around the world. Individuals use different types of precious jewelry, such as jewelry, necklaces, jewelry, charms, and much more. Sometimes, getting jewelry can existing an issues to precious jewelry users, because they are confronted by the process of what to get. The tips from the report below can help [...]
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Are You Presently Unclear About The Industry Of Investing? Attempt These Superb Advice!

Whether you might try out your hands at the stock market the first time, or you are interested in strategies to make a better forex trader, you may have appear off to the right place. The content listed below features tips and tricks that can help you feel an excellent forex trader. Opt for a [...]
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A Brief Guide To Fiber Optics Equipment

Understanding how fiber optics are made and performance for uses in everyday life is an intriguing murals combined with science. Fiber optics has been fabricated from supplies that transmit mild and are created from a bundle of very skinny glass or plastic fibers enclosed in a tube. One finish is at a supply of sunshine [...]
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Function As The Parent You Always Aspired To Be With These Details

With the amount of textbooks and video clips readily available, you might think that everybody would be an expert on being a parent right now. However this is simply not the truth because individuals can be getting bad assistance, or they decide to not respond in the guidance they are presented. Make use of the [...]
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Guard Your Expensive jewelry Collection

Do you wish to know all you need to know about jewelry? Your good reasons may be so you know what to watch out for when buying, and when you are looking for offering. This information will give a lot of assistance that you should feel comfortable knowing that no-one will are able of ripping [...]
If you thought the mention of Dick Van Dyke feeling a prime Mary Tyler Moore was in poor taste, I don't recommend trying to feel a forex trader.


  1. There is something, I have discovered, called article spinning. You input an article into some software, it changes words and phrases using a synonym database, and spits (or spins) out dozens or hundreds of "new" articles. Then all you have to do is submit these articles as your own to dozens or hundreds of article directories. They are sufficiently different from the original that they aren't detected as copies.

    I'd like to bet that's what you've seen.

    Jewellery. You might like to offer up another spelling.

  2. With this accessment you are surely into the correct way.

  3. Except for your assessment of needing more extra letters and syllables in perfectly good words. :

  4. All that sound very much like the Spam Mr Anon has been sending me.



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