Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Prince's Panties

There was once a prince who acted strangely in that
He thought life was stupid and it was for him so
He made up a world in which he liked the things we liked
But he had different reasons why he liked them

He liked butter for its color
He would order toast and color
Waitresses, confused would utter
Sir, I've never heard of toast and color

He'd get angry and begin to choke them
The law would come, and they'd arrest and book him
So his life was a mess of trouble
Still he kept it up

He had dogs, a hundred cocker spaniels and he
Called them panties, 'cause they did that mostly, and he
Did not care at all if they would bark and fetch sticks
Run and jump, roll over, and play dead tricks

No, he liked them only for their panting
So he would run them ragged, but one day they got fed up
And chased the prince right up against the fence
And the prince was eaten by his panties
—Mason Williams

Those of you who can remember back to Classical Gas and bought the Greyhound album know that this song sounds much better with the strings behind it.

The Prince's Panties

Classical Gas:


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    1. When are you going to fix your avatar? If all you can think of to use is your old spam sign (it's only showing the Blogger "I can't find the link to your picture" right now) I have a picture that would be just perfect for you. Let me know.

  2. Not too high browed for me. GREAT SONG!!!

    1. It's nice to see SOMEONE has great taste in music!

  3. I know what you're doing, don't think I don't. Just because nobody else has noticed your devious scheme to attract unwarranted traffic doesn't mean I haven't.

    "He's just come down from the Isle of Skye
    He's no very big and he's awful shy ....."

    1. If only you knew how innocent I am of your cynical accusations. If only.

  4. Music is not my forte' I will admit. But 'Classical Gas' was the piece my daughter was working on when she decided to quit taking classical guitar lessons. Admittedly, she had been studying for 5 years (since the age of 10) and at 15, other priorities took precedence. I was heartbroken. It's a wonderful piece of music to listen to, especially live!

    Two years and 4 additional guitars purchased since, she admits she misses studying. And I love it when I hear her pull out her acoustic guitar and starts practicing 'Classical Gas' again .... !


    1. I hope she does take it up again. Hearing this song almost made me want to go drag out a guitar again. Not that I could ever play THIS song. :) But, like Jerry, my calluses have faded and I have not great enough desire to endure a couple weeks of finger bruises to get back on with it again.

  5. Alas, my dear RDG, I sued to practice until just when the callouses were getting thick enough to make playing a lot more enjoyable and then I would quit to go chase after something (usually someone) else. I also used to try to use the excuse that my fingers were way too short as a reason for my lack of proficiency until I met a man I believed had actually met Roy Clark and he swore that my fingers were longer than Roy's. Life can be so unfair. Sigh.

    1. Roy Clark? You have longer fingers than Roy Clark? Trying to picture that. Have you ever heard Roy in his prime playing Malaguena?

  6. Love the music but this post has gone straight over my head!



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