Wednesday, September 26, 2012



If the world were run according to my personal values, it would be a lot different than today.

There would be no hungry or homeless.

Two people would have the right to marry no matter who they loved.

Fantastic medical care would be freely available to all.

We would all be color blind and race blind.

We all would live each day peacefully, with a genuine spirit of helpfulness.

No one would make anyone else feel bad because they were different.

We would not do things to others we would hate to have done to ourselves.

Not much time would be spent on war and preparing for war.

Everyone would be afforded a top-notch education with excellent schools and teachers.

We would all breath clean air and drink clean water and clean up after ourselves.

That's my top ten.


  1. Let's all sing -
    "If I ruled the world,
    every day would be the first day of Spring
    Every heart would have a new song to sing......."

    1. Ain't that the Cowardly Lion song?

    2. In my experience, the first day of spring has too often been a grey day, cold and rainy.

      I will seek to depose you as world ruler if you force the "first day of spring" statute upon us. Even if you sing it in Harry Secombe's voice.

  2. Replies
    1. :) You have something against clean water? It could happen.

  3. No harm in dreaming...

    I think they could all be summed up by, "Do as you would be done by," not making yourself the centre of your actions and considerations.

    1. But I don't want to consolidate. I like my list of 13 things. :)

  4. Gorgeous, Max. This is your personal best in my limited readership opinion. Thank you.


  5. That comment was intended for the later blogpost, but it'll do here.

    Are you telling us you're not really a misanthropic curmudgeon?

    1. It never occurred to me you could be happy. Not with a post of mine, anyway. Relax Max is a mis-whatever curmudgeon. I personally have never been one. Just shy and retiring.

  6. See, stuff like leads me to believe that we really don't want different things, we just think different paths to those goals are more promising.

    Or, as I suspect a good deal of our wrangling is, we read too much into what the other says so we say the same things but don't realize it.



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