Sunday, October 7, 2012


Unfortunately, it's political season again. Seems like it never goes away. Here's some trivia about past Presidents to take your mind off the current money-wasting nonsense.

1. Ronald Reagan was the oldest when he first took office (age 69.)
2. Kennedy was the youngest "elected" at age 43, but T. Roosevelt assumed office at age 42 when his predecessor was killed while in office.
3. Tallest? Lincoln. (6-4.)
4. Shortest? Madison (5-4.)
5. Can you name 5 who were Vice-President before becoming President? (There have been 14,)
6. One President never married. (Buchanan.)
7. 5 Presidents were remarried widowers, but only one was divorced and remarried. (Reagan.)
8. Most children? (Tyler with 15.)
9. Two Presidents were married in the White House.


  1. Andrew Johnson, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, George Bush (the first) and Thomas Jefferson.

    Off the top of my head.

    1. I think you stayed up too late. :) You need to look up Thomas Jefferson. Our third president vied with his predecessor John Adams in a normal election (under the early rules). Adams didn't die although Jefferson was his vice-president. Think of presidents who died in office. Fred Macmurray. Johnny Cash. Like that. :)

      Off the top of MY head, I can think of a few presidents who died in office:

      1. That guy who gave the long speech and died of pneumonia only a month into his presidency... William Henry Harrison? Yes. John Tyler (father of 15) was his vice-president. (Campaign slogan: "Tippacanoe and Tyler Too!". That's my memory net. I guess you had to be there.)

      2. The guy they dug up to see if he was poisoned - Gen. Zachary Taylor. Not sure who his vice-president was though. Was that the Millard Fillmore guy?

      3. Johnny Cash sang a song about "Mr. Garfield's been shot down" so I guess Mr. Garfield was shot down. A wild guess on the VP would be Chester Arthur.

      How'm I doing?

      4. And let's not forget Wm. McKinley and T. Roosevelt. I live in McKinley Country.

      Apparently there are more.

    2. I almost deleted my above stupid comment. You are correct, of course. There was no stipulation that the president had to die in office.

  2. 5. Only 3, Ford took over from Nixon, Johnson from Kennedy and you mentioned Roosevelt T.

    How many suffered from dementia while in office, Reagan and who else I wonder?

    1. I never even thought of Nixen. Way to go! I was just thinking of the ones who died.

      What happens if your PM dies? And don't say you bury him.

    2. They ALL suffer from dementia. Who else would want the job?

    3. If our PM dies millions rejoice, the Party offers tributes and stab one another in the back to take over, and everyone in politics gush about how nice he was. Lies all lies. Osborne would take his place, the coalition would fall apart and Labour scrape the next election.

      The government of the country would continue as normal as the civil service would just carry on. Watch 'Yes Prime Minister' to see how it really works.

    4. Indeed they all suffer from demantia, well they suffer from something that robs them of honesty, dignity and ability in time.

  3. Another trivia (trivium?): John Tyler's grandchildren are still alive.

    1. Really? Well, that should be no surprise - so many of them. They probably have enough to take over a small state; :) In all fairness, Tyler had children from more than one wife.

      I'll wager they are all ugly...

  4. "8. Most children? (Tyler with 15.)"
    "In all fairness, Tyler had children from more than one wife."

    Whew, my uterus started to hurt just thinking of baring 15 children.

  5. You can delete the test. I just wanted to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing:
    "Your comment will be visible after approval."

    HA! All that grief you gave me over the approval of comments. tisk tisk

    Go ahead and disapprove my post if the word uterus offends you, but just know I'm back.

  6. Oh and one more thing. I'm log in under my neglected blog View of Sue. Just in case you were wondering who I am. I don't know how you can forget me though. And if all my comments do get approved I just want your readers to know that this is what you do to me when you comment, you know you either write a short story or leave 7. Have nice day!

  7. As an avid Americophile (I wonder if that is the correct term; in similar manner to Anglophile or Hibernophile anyway) I was tickled by this post and thrilled that Madison was shorter than I. :)

  8. I'm sorry, I locked onto that $100,000 bill and my mind went into overdrive. I guess I'll be finding out just how good our printer is.

    1. Then what would you do with them? Take them to Walmart to spend? :)

    2. Walmart? Hey, with a $100,000 bill, we're headin' to K-Mart!



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