Sunday, January 6, 2013

I stand corrected about violent movies being ok

I bow to Arnold.

You may be sure there is no bias in the below news story.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Arnold Schwarzenegger may be one of the world's biggest action stars but the former governor of California says violence in films is entertainment and should not be linked to tragic events like the Connecticut school shooting in which 20 children died.

The star of films such as "The Terminator," "Predator" and "True Lies" told a press conference before the opening of his new movie, "The Last Stand," on January 18th that "one has to keep (the two) separate."
"(This is) entertainment and the other thing is a tragedy beyond belief. It's really serious and it's the real deal," Schwarzenegger, 65, told reporters.
The actor, who will star in his first leading role in the film since serving as California governor for seven years, said the tragedy in which a gunman killed 20 children and six staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, is about more than just guns.
"We have to analyze how we deal with mental illness, how we deal with gun laws, how we deal with parenting," he said.
In "The Last Stand," Schwarzenegger plays a retired Los Angeles policeman who becomes a border town sheriff who must stop a violent drug lord from crossing the border.
The film, with its violent scenes, is the type of movie that National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre recently cited as a contributing factor to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
But Schwarzenegger said that gun laws and mental health guidance need reform, not Hollywood.
"How can we do better with gun laws?" asked Schwarzenegger. "If there are any loopholes, if there's a problem, let's analyze it ... Are we really dealing with the mental problems the right way as a society?"
In terms of parenting, the former politician alluded to the Connecticut killer Adam Lanza's mother, Nancy, who was also shot and killed by her own son on that tragic day.
"Does a mother need to collect guns and take her little kids shooting?" he asked.
"Everything has to be analyzed; no stone unturned," he added. "I think that's what we owe to our people." 


  1. "It isn't me....." say those who make films, violent games, support gun ownership, live in fantasy worlds. "It's them over there.....!"

  2. I read this morning that Texas Chainsaw 3D has now topped the charts above The Hobbit. Apparently is was refused a certificate in 1975 by the British Board but was released on video in 1981. Even that was banned in 1984 when video classification came into being, but since 1999 it has been freely available. It has even been shown uncut on TV.

    Can anybody really say we aren't becoming desensitised? It's acceptable in 1999 but wasn't in 1975? But that's all right because it's entertainment. Presumably it wasn't earlier.

    1. The 3D is the new version. Same plot. :) Kids of that age always like a good chainsaw movie. Especially if it jumps out of the screen at them.

  3. I just wonder why mental health assistance isn't as easy to get as guns are....

    1. I don't think mental care is hard to get. You just can't take people off the streets and commit them like the old days. Now, if someone is sitting in the gutter talking to himself, you must leave him and not violate his civil rights. :)

  4. I can attest to the fact that imitating your heroes on the screen can be troublesome. For I got into a lot of trouble after I smacked two of my classmates heads together during recess one day while in the second grade.

    1. It is wonderful how seriously you are taking this subject, Jerry. :)

  5. Ahhhhh...Relax Max...the politically-correct Nazis have made such a difference, haven't they?! I personally believe political-correctness is past it's used-by-date. It's caused more harm than good!

    The trouble these days, though, is you're afraid to reach out to that person sitting in the gutter mumbling away to himself...there as so many strange man-made drugs filled with suspect chemicals around...who knows what is like to happen if you do offer a helping hand. We've kind of become immune...mostly out of fear, I think.

    It's a strange world we're living in these days...and it's getting stranger by the day...sadly.

  6. Have you seen the Expendables? Good body count film.

    Terminator is one of my favorite films, but I haven't run out and bought a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range yet.



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