Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There has to be a better way

I love cats. I have had many cats as pets in my lifetime. Cats don't bother anybody. Not really.

China has a stray animal problem. I understand that. But stuffing them in tiny cages and dragging them off to die still pisses me off.

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  1. Hmm, not good. Was that for the Olympics, when they had a mass clear up? There must be more humane ways of dealing with the problem. I suppose mass sterilisation is out of the question. A country which may not conform to international human rights standards, may struggle with animal rights issues too.

  2. They should put cat birth control in food and then feed the strays . It would probably be cheaper.

  3. They might want to think about more veterinary clinics where cats can get spayed. I hate seeing this. Cats are just about my favorite creatures (I like humans and octopus*, too).

    * Not in a culinary sense. They are very cool and intelligent.

  4. Man's inhumanity revealed at its worse, it is so heartbreaking to see this, it is almost as bad as seeing them catch a shark, cut their fins off while they are alive and then tossing them back into the ocean to die a slow and painfull death.

    If only all this can be stopped!

  5. ouch, just lost my 17 year old kitty. She was called Sass-hole because she earned that name, none the less, I miss her. She came to us as a rescue kitten and will live on as legend!

  6. Cats have been part of my life since I was 3. (So, a long time, no adding please.)
    About 15 years ago I was channel surfing and came across some HBO documentary about cats. The scene I happened upon involved restaurant workers (I forget what country, somewhere in Asia) rounding up cats for the dinner menu. They didn't even kill the cat before they threw him in boiling water to get the fur off. I had nightmares about that for weeks on end, and it will still come back to me occasionally. It proved that I could never be a reporter, because I would have beaten those guys with my video camera and taken all the cats home with me.

  7. Where the hell are all these comments coming from? How could I miss this many? This must have been what Ettarose was popping off about.

    @A. - I think it did have something to do with the olympics. But still...

    @Ettarose - It might work. Wouldn't you have to do it everyday? But that's not a bad idea if they invented a one-time sterility additive.

    @Lidian - Something. It makes me angry what is going on.

    @Frostygirl - ::shudder:: They really do that?

    @Debbie - I forgot. Sorry. I should have waited on this post.

    @Angelika - What??! Come back here!

    @Linda - That's despicable!

  8. Bill, I hate stuff like this. No call for it.



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