Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  1. I'll see your Cinco de Mayo and raise you my 8 mai - commémoration de la victoire alliée - which has an interesting history of "to celebrate or not to celebrate?".

  2. And I should have added, Happy Cinco de Mayo! :)

  3. CHEERS MAX! I'll have a Coronna (or 8) for you ...

  4. Do you want me to comment every day to prove that I actually stop by your blog?

    Because I think that's like spamming...

    I too am a lurker most of the time!

  5. @A. - I am not match for your classy holidays. :)

    Mayo and dos equis is about it down here. Or maybe Corona as Canaucklehead says. And a few stolen fireworks.

    On the bright side, Cinco de Mayo commemorates a battle in which the Mexicans kicked French ass.

    You probably didn't even know the French cared about Mexico. :)

    But the victory only lasted a few hours. Like our Battle of Trenton.

    Stop blogging and go have fun!

  6. @Canucklehead - Thanks. You'll need 8 to feel anything. :) Cheers!

    @Angelika - Yes. I want you to comment everyday. At a minimum.

    And since when is commenting frequently considered spam? I will remember that.

    You SAY you are a lurker, but you can't prove it unless you leave your mark. :)

    @Janet - The party began Friday night. I have tried to stay away from them. :)

  7. Looking for a good Mexican Cabernet right now.....

  8. Happy day, Max. Everyday is a holiday or it should be. Why am I not receiving your updates in my e- mail? I thought that was what subscribing was for. Did you break it? Oh well I will check it out.

  9. Really?!?! Obviously Kentucky isn't a hotbed of Cinco de Mayo festivities. Then again, if you count the Derby parties, it probably did begin Friday night.

  10. @Debbie - Me too. Let's go look and see what turns up. :)

    @Ettarose - I think you have me confused with Googleblogger. Hey - thank you for signing up though. Now there is three of us. PageRank ranking up like a bullet, no? I don't know. For some reason they don't send them out until about 12 hours after the post has posted. They are big fat liars, that's why.

    Or it could be your dialup... :) :)

    @Janet - I've never been to a Derby party but I think they must party all week long. That's a lot of spectacle for a 2 minute horse race. :)

    But a New Mexico horse won. So. And he lives in the 4 corners area not far from me. I mean, he doesn't KNOW me, but... hmmmm. Don't know what my point was. Oh, yeah. A New Mexico horse won the Kentucky Derby. And he only cost $9500. Har! Take your Arab $3 million dollar horses and stuff them back into your fancy jets. We'll just take the horse trailer back to New Mexico. Yes we are a goddam state. Stop it.

    May be in Arizona for a while though. We shall see. Thank you Janet. :)

  11. "ARE" three of us. Up from one of us.



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