Friday, May 8, 2009

Homer Tribble passes at age 42

A tribute to a tribble.

First, let me deny that this post exists simply to prove I know about subjects Soubriquet has never heard of.

Homer Tribble was not just any tribble. 

I know that's a pretty brash statement because, well, ALL tribbles are just like any other tribble, right?

Homer is the tribble in the cup on the left, above, being held by Kirk's well-manicured right hand.

Fact: tribbles are born pregnant.

Some of you knew that. The result of this odd genetic characteristic is illustrated in the below photo.
A closer look (below) shows Spock feeling Homer's rump as he ignores Bone's inane blathering about there being no toilet paper in any of the johns on the observation deck. One doesn't even want to contemplate what Bone's bright idea to solve this problem with tribbles is. Some have asserted (as a matter of peripheral interest) that Nimoy was sexually aroused in this scene, due to a latent fur fetish.

Note that Bones has his medical scanner hung around his neck. The is the same scanner that always seemed to turn into a Tricorder during landing missions. Why bother paying for extra unneeded props? No reason.

Trivia question: How did they finally get rid of the tribbles?

a. Spock gave them all the Vulcan nerve pinch
b. Scotty incinerated them in an anti-matter pod
c. They transported them onto the Klingon vessel
d. They were unable to get rid of them and the series was cancelled

Homer was buried with full honors on Rigel 7, Saturday last. Nurse Chapel represented the Federation. Travel arrangements by Priceline.


  1. I don't buy it. All the tribbles were born pregnant so NONE of them were named Homer (a name which is reserved exclusively for blind male poets and abysmally stupid men). And, of course, the answer's (c) as a joke since tribbles and Klingons hate each other. Of course, if it comes to a fist fight, the klingons might have had an edge, so I'm not sure how that kept the tribbles from being summarily slaughtered.

    Are you alright, Max? Thinking Homer was a pregnant tribble (or that Nimoy had anything other than a scientific interest in fur - it was the purr that got him, you know; I've always though the Enterprise needed cats. Remember how he used to pet that unidog that purred? Case in point.) doesn't seem right. You might want to check your medication, unless you don't take any. In that case, you might want to start taking some :)

  2. Homer is the tribble in the cup on the left, above, being held by Kirk's well-manicured right hand.In that case, Homer is a guinea pig.

  3. @Stephanie - Tribbles are OBVIOUSLY bisexual. Ummm. UNIsexual. Like some fish. Ahem. Anyway, they reproduce like the dickens.

    You know, they never did totally resolve the tribble problem. They did transport some over to the Klingon battleship, but not all. And when Bones came up with a steriliztion formula at the end, they found two more tribbles who had not been sterilized and at the end the ship is filling up again. I think that was why the show was cancelled. The beginning of the end. And don't ask me why they found TWO tribbles, since only one would be necessary. That is better left alone.

    I don't know about Spock. He sure looks pretty intent there. A bit of a glint in his eye, I say. They only ASSUMED it was the purr in the other episode. My theory remains FUR not PURR.

    And, as you were speaking of Priceline, did you say that the reason Kirk/BillShat let his wife drown was because he didn't want to jump into the pool and ruin his $25,000 toupe? I can't believe that. If that was you that said that.

  4. @Sheila - Guinea Pig? GUINEA PIG???

    Sure, maybe it might look like that to YOU, a mere Earthling. But Homer is a Tribble.

    Are you saying that this stolen picture had been Photoshopped before I stole it?

    Are you saying that well-manicured hand does not go on the end of Captain Kirk's arm?

    Are you saying that cup is of the current century????? Are you?

    Just what ARE you saying???

  5. They came from earthworms didn't they? Or were they amoebas? I don't know and I really don't care. I think Spock was boning Bones through the whole show. You know, that whole love/hate relationship. Yes I think the tribbles is what killed the show.

  6. I've never been a Trekkie, so is a Tribble a real thing or just an invention of an LSD using writer?

  7. Oh! Oh! I know this one!
    C. They transported them onto the Klingon vessel.

    What do I win?

    This is one of my favorite episode, so is the one when they took out Spocks brain.

  8. I don't believe I mentioned Priceline or Shatner, Relax Max. I stay away from gossip.

  9. @Ettarose - You are very weird, Ettarose. Very weird. :)

    @Angelika - I thought tribbles were real. I thought Kirk's green dancing woman was real too. :) So many things run together in my poor mind.

    @Sue - Well, you are right. They transported some. And Bones sterilized some. But at the end of the show they found some more so it really wasn't clear. I wish I had posted about Spock's brain instead of tribbles. Too late now.

    @Stephanie - You stay away from gossip? Well, that's no fun. I didn't think it was gossip, though. Must have been someone else. :)



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