Saturday, November 21, 2009



  1. Oh boy, I really really want to watch this
    But oh boy, it really really won't work
    And I don't know what to do....

  2. Never fear, she is now in full swing.

  3. She's great!
    I can't watch without laughing.
    Should be a hit.

  4. I hate you.
    Because I keep humming this. Dammit! dum dum di dumdi-dum...

    Okay.... share the pain. I'll steal it and post it.....
    then all three of my readers will become similarly afflicted.
    But seriously, she's as funny as a bag of puppies, and nearly as loopy.

    And it always surprises me when I hear a singer and later discover english is not her natural language, because Miss Li is from Borlänge in Sweden.

    Oh... and the 240 penny pound is better than the 100 penny pound because of the number of ways in which base twelve can be divided compared to base ten.

  5. @A. - It is so worth it. Tell me you don't love it! :)

    @Soubriquet - Go for it.

    240 penny pound? I already forgot the question. That's the old money, right? Jesus, don't get Stephanie started about the inefficiencies of shillings and stuff. Stick to the decimal pound. I don't know from nothing about base 12. I just barely learned what the heck a quid is. We have always been on the decimal system ever since you left us in the lurch. I think it was Hamilton who did that to us. Or Franklin. Probably Hamilton. When you left, you took your money with you.

  6. According to this, Jefferson convinced the rest of the founding fathers to do with decimal money. Most of the founding fathers, by the way, were apparently pro metric.

    Too bad they forgot to put that in the Constitution.

  7. Hamilton? Louis Hamilton? Last years Formula One World Champion racing driver?

    Jefferson, probably, as you so quaintly say over there, "had his panties in a bunch" over using coins with the king on them.... And so he saddled you guys with an inferior monetary system.
    And no matter what else you may argue about monetary systems, the u.s.dollar is a drably boring bit of paper money, all the same colour, so far as I can see and only really differentiated by the number of noughts.
    And your coins? nickels cents pennies dimes and whatever? What's a nickel? two bits.... talk about confusing......



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