Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thatcher Dead

[Rewritten from various news services yesterday]

Canadian Transport Minister John Baird sent a message to phone buddies that read, "Thatcher dead." It was a reference to his 16-year-old tabby cat, named after his idol. But the message was misconstrued and Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper was soon told of the Iron Lady's death.

Calls were placed to 10 Downing Street and even Buckingham Palace, but neither knew what the Canadians were talking about. The BBC reported that the Canadian officials were even in the process of preparing an official statement until the British government set the record straight: The beloved Lady T. Lives on.


  1. You nearly got me excited there.

  2. Well, going through headlines without actually reading articles is not a good idea. For few minutes I actually thought Thatcher was dead. Good that she is okay. Oh, and people in Britain must have thought that Canadians are freakishly weird.


  3. Sorry, I thought The Iron Maiden had been pushing up the daisies for some time now. I thought maybe she died in respect for Ronnie when he kicked the bucket.

  4. Whoa! This place is still around?! Shit - I was just checking the link on my sidebar to see if any had died. Well, good on you and dear ol' Thatcher as well. Pip pip and all that shit. Let me assure you that despite some people's hints to the contrary Canadians are in fact freakishly weird. None more than those who are in real estate in Toronto. But I suspect you already knew that. Anyway, hope all is well my llama-loving friend - CHEERS!

  5. @A. - Sorry. I know how you love her (as do we all) and didn't mean to startle you.

    @Toronto - Yes, I imagine they thought Canadians weird (though not freakishly so)but they are entitled to their opinion, I suppose. :) Personally, I love Canadians (not freakishly, mind you) and admire their wry cat-naming practices. Thank you for stopping by. I am happy you were relieved about Lady Thatcher (or sad if you were disappointed.)

    @Descartes - Don't be desecrating Ronnie's memory. Oops. I guess he had no memory. Sorry.

    @Canucklehead - I spoke too soon when I said I love Canadians. I mean all except you. Speaking of dead, I thought you might be. Thanks for your annual visit, toad breath.



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