Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heroic headgear

I have always been a sucker for winged helmets. I find they attract the ladies even better than smoking Camel cigarettes on the beach.

Anyone know who this boy is?

Three points for a right answer. 5 without google.

Whoever he is (I will say later) he has spared you from reading a very long and boring post about a battle in the American Civil War whose anniversary passed a few days ago.


  1. Uh, Hagen von Tronje?

    No? Then probably his less-well known little brother, Heimdarf.

    Anyway, just imagine the lady-attractiveness of smoking Camels on a beach, while wearing a winged helmet! The mind boggles.

  2. *Rolls eyes*

    Sorry, nothing attracts ladies like (a) vapid physical beauty, (b)money, (c) fame (even of the horrible ax-murdering kind), or (d) brains., depending on the type of woman. Winged helmets only attract men.

    I wonder if this was one of the exploring Erics? Or Thor?

    (Yes, I have no idea who he is)

  3. (I also have to add that women can appreciate other characteristics like honesty, sweetness, consideration, patience, etc as well, but it's not necessarily what "attracts" them - more like what keeps them around).

  4. Stephanie, that is crazy-talk. Everbody knows that women are only attracted to awesomeness, and what could be more awesome than a winged helmet? ;)

  5. What could be more awesome than winged helmets? Horned helmets of course. I'm really surprised you didn't already know that.

  6. Ah, Hagen and Heimdarf von Tronje. The guys who invented that expensive Dutch Ice cream. No, Boris.

  7. Winged helmets strike me as rather effeminate but horned helmets are altogether more attractive. How else could you account for the spread of Viking red hair?

  8. Eric was attracted to Thor, true.

    This is only about attracting them and making them grovel helplessly and embarrassingly, not about keeping them around. Good god.

  9. Brennus? Maybe. You promised not to Google. You have always been trustworthy in that regard before. Ok, I believe you.

    I ALWAYS want more.

  10. Actually, most of the Gauls DID wear weird horned helmets. Except Charles. He wore a horned nose.

  11. Showswhat YOU know about fine helmets. Viking red hair spreading? Dunno. Princess Di maybe but certainly not Prince Charles. A mystery, that one.



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