Monday, January 10, 2011

"It was a cold and stormy night."

Writing a novel is harder than you might think.

Fred's wife stared at him with open disgust. Fred knew she didn't believe his story at all.

Fred was becoming decidedly uncomfortable now.


  1. Agreed.

    Writing a novel is difficult, but can be done with perseverance and, frequently, reiteration.

  2. As I recall, it was a dark and stormy night, not cold. No wonder she didn't believe him.

    Keep going, though. It has the makings of something ....

  3. And may I add, thank you for changing the header and not the whole blog this year. :)

  4. Happy New Year Relax Max!
    I am in agreeance with A.
    I have to go change your link on my blogroll again. **rolls eyes**

  5. @Adullamite - It did start well, didn't it? And the middle and ending weren't bad either. I'm just glad this novel-writing business is finally over. It was grueling.

    @Stephanie Barr - Oh, it wasn't that hard. I think where people make a big mistake is trying to write thousands and thousands of words instead of letting their readers imaginations fill in the blank spots.

    I will admit it took a little perseverance, but not so much reiteration. I will admit it took a little perseverance, but not so much reiteration.

    @A. - I think you have in mind a different novel written by another little dog. I would never plagiarize. I'm not sure what you mean by "keep going." Do you want a sequel?

    I didn't change the header. Did I?

    @Sue - Thank you for your new years wishes. If it isn't too much trouble, could you please post my photo at the top of your blog and link it to here? Thanks.



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