Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday of hate?

Ronald McKinley Everett was born July 14, 1941, in Maryland. Everett ended up in Los Angeles and, since a young man, has devoted his life to promoting hatred for the white man and all things white. That includes Christmas.

Although other more important black separatist- and black supremacist-militant movements sprang from or benefited greatly from the Watts ashes of the mid- and late 1960s riots, such as Elijah Muhammad's Nation of Islam, Malcolm Little's Black Nationalist movement, and the Black Panthers, Ron Everett's hatred of white people and all other things white was second to none of these people.

Everett soon changed his white "slave" name to something that sounded African, began dressing as he fancied an African would dress, dropped the white religion of Christianity for that of Muslim, and so on. Of course, perceived white holidays had to go too, and Christmas soon gave way to a holiday he dreamed up himself: Kwanzaa.

Everett formed his own band of white haters called, at first (at least by the Panthers) the United Slaves. Later, he took the Us from United Slaves and began calling his group simply "Us" as in Us (blacks) against them (whites.)

Early on, before he was such a big cheese in do-it-yourself cults, Ron and his group had a feud with the Black Panthers, his followers killing a couple of them. Ron never went to jail for this. Unfortunately, though, one of Ron's favorite power-trip pastimes was abusing and torturing his women followers, and he DID go to prison for one of those episodes in which he tortured one of the women by putting a hot soldering iron in her mouth and clamping another's toes in a vise. There was also electrical wire involved, and some laundry detergent that wasn't intended to be edible. But you can read the sordid details of that in the old court records.

Later, he obtained a doctorate from a South African school and even later from some U.S. schools, and today is styled Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga. He now heads the African Studies department at UCLA, surely the only ex-felon to hold such a position.

In an amazing lapse of memory, or lack of background investigation, or simply wanting to humor the separatist portion of the African American community, the U.S. government some years back put out a Kwanzaa postage stamp, thus legitimizing Ron's Holiday forever. Beats me. Ron would have you believe that Kwanzaa is an ancient "African" tradition, when in fact he dreamed it all up in his cell while he was doing time for torturing women.

"Kwanzaa" as Dr. Ron called his dream of white hatred, or at least his dream of not doing white things, goes on for a week, starting today (white man's Christmas is over now) through January 1st. Sad that he used the white man's calendar after all that effort to Africanize.

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  1. What a nice man. er..he became a 'Marxist?' Wasn't Karl Marx white?

  2. It would of course be downright naughty of me to point out that followers of Islam were enslaving and selling africans long before the british ever thought of it.

    Mind you, africans were enslaving and selling their neighbours too, long before.... etc.
    And they're still doing it.

    Nor was it the white man who ran amok in Rwanda.



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