Friday, December 17, 2010

German doctors claim first HIV positive man cured

A man who was HIV positive who was given stem cell therapy for leukemia is no longer positive, his doctors say. This is the first instance of a person with the HIV virus ever getting rid of it. If this turns out to be a true "cure" for HIV/AIDS, it will be (like so many other major discoveries of the past) be an accident.

Apparently more research is needed to find out exactly what the stem cells did. Promising.


  1. Very intriguing, I hope it turns out to be true, unless of course, something worse takes its place.

  2. It hasn't had much coverage here, if any. It seems that the stem cell donor was one of the rare people who can't develop Aids. Interesting.

  3. There's a story idea in there. Better not pursue it. I'm too busy now.

    Here's hoping for the best.



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