Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big toys

[Click on picture to enlarge]

I was fascinated by the pictures on this website by a man who obviously loves playing with big toys. I envy someone who has apparently done what he wants to do all his life. If you like BIG mechanical things and down-to-earth people who play with them, you should spend some time looking at the photos on this website.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking at the pictures on this website. (And you thought Relax Max didn't like to get dirty. He does.)


  1. It looks like the stopper from an old-fashioned hot water bottle.

  2. Yea, i wish i loved what i did every day.

    thx, nice pics.

  3. That's full of beautiful machines. I'm very impressed by the way the people work, as a small crew with excellent engineering and rigging skills.
    The sort of people who don't listen when someone says "It can't be done."



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