Friday, August 26, 2011

Mo' Teaparty

I'm still trying to define the "Teaparty" thing. It isn't as benign as I wrote in my last post. It looks like the original tax protest (against Obama's stimulous package, I think) has been hijacked by a lot of other organizations with their own agendas, each with the name "Teaparty" somewhere in their name.

You probably weren't surprised. Nothing ever happens spontaneously without it soon being appropriated. Still trying to find out how bad it is and who the big fat boys are that's using it.


  1. Nothing ever changes... unless it gets worse.

  2. If they are mental, Republican, gun- totin, 'freedom' lovin, tax hating, 'drop bombs on them, John Wayne is a hero, fantasists, they are the Tea Party!

  3. @Jeff King - So true. Well, though thoughst were right. I was silly for thinking it wouldn't get taken over.

    @Adullamite - That describes me to a T. So I'm one of them? Does that mean I have to vote for the woman from Minnesota or Iowa or wherever?

  4. RM, you were the only one who didn't know this?

  5. Max I heard that Sarah Palin is your mother!

  6. Adullamite, let me tell you a couple things about your own mother, k?

    Naw, I guess not. But no, I don't have Down's Syndrome. Clever as hell though.

  7. @Stephanie Barr - sometimes you just aren't around to guide me down the right path, the obvious path the herd has taken. So I strike out on my own. And you can see I get bruised sometimes for not just listening to the voice of reason. :)

    Yes, I was the only one who didn't know this, and I probably STILL don't know the depths of the terribleness of the teaparty traitors who are screwing things up by standing between our government's right to borrow more money to give to the banks. My head is thick, but you already knew that.



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