Saturday, August 27, 2011

No screaming while head is in dustpan

Please tell me the below picture is posed. Surely not a real mom?


  1. Just so no one (and you know who you are) thinks I am advocating putting plastic bags over baby's heads, I'm not. I'm just bringing up a doubt that the printed warnings are going to help some stupid parents.

  2. Last year (I read on sum unverified website) 14,000 children aged 0-14 died from having plastic bags.... you know. Well don't say if that is for Wyoming (horrendous) or the U.S. (pretty darn bad) or for the whole world (borderline acceptable.)

    My point would be if you subtracted all the lives saved because of the printed warnings on plastic bags from 14,000, the total would still be 14,000.

  3. And I'm guess the closer the age gets to 14, the higher the percentage of stupidity.

  4. It would be interesting to know what the statistics are, from one reputable source, say, the coroner's office in a large city such as new york or chicago, with a known population.
    Of course, this wouldn't necessarily extrapolate correctly nationwide.

    As a kid, I recall using a plastic bag as a makeshift space-helmet, and being whacked pretty firmly by my dad for doing so.
    I had suffered no respiratory distress at that time, but the ouch factor of the slap was enough to discourage my space exploration career.
    It is because of this unreasonable parental intervention that the planets remain uncolonised.
    The first Soubriquet expedition of the early 1960s was ababdoned due to the banning of suitable space-helmet material.. The open-faced cardboard-box helmet proved unwieldy and dangerous, in view of the lack of peripheral vision, causing the wearer to trip over the family dog, and fall. Space operations were suspended for a while, whilst the wearer became busy building his first unsuccessful robot.

  5. She is not a mother any longer, and has one less mouth to feed.

  6. Soubriquet attempted to re-create his plastic helmet discovery whilst visiting me. I slapped him, too.


  7. I'm sure she poked some holes in the bag. The kid looks only half way suffocated. It's WalMart, you should not be surprised by this picture, the minute you walk through their doors your IQ drops several levels.

  8. In my first comment at top above, "Just so no one (and you know who you are) thinks I am advocating"

    the part about "and you know who you are" was directed at Stephanie Barr. She always thinks I am a wild fabatucak person. :)

  9. @Soubriquet - Chicago has a known population?



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