Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Culling the vast wasteland, part 7

Relax Max surfs the web. Max tries not to stop and read questions and answers on the web. Sometimes his attention is sucked in before he can move on. Oddly pathetic and compelling at times however Max senses he is becoming dumber by the hour. Please send suggestions for help. god bless and thx u.

Entered Max's brain today at 1:12 am:


rugged686: What exactly does annotation mean im stuck on us history please help writing a report not sure what annotation means

vicegrip88: I dont know what annotation mean

Best Answers:

trove882: Do you know what a dictionary is?

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cabs32: PLEASE HELP. My daughter was stuck by a used needle! reply prompt please (March, 2007)

Best Answers:
(2009) mma_mom: Maybe she should see a doctor.

mr_no: A little bit more information is needed. Did patient jump?

funny_444: which you the best of luck. God bless u

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lentil267: Transmission Indicator Stuck. The orange indicator light on my 2007 Ford Focus is stuck in drive. It still goes into the gears properly.But just the little indicator on the floor doesn't move.So I have to count the gears.

Best Answers:

mactiti: The indicator is broke off. It must be taken apart and replaced.

lentil267: That's exactly what the man at the shop said. But $500.

mactiti: wow thats alot. i would just keep counting

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Fade to black...


  1. Erm Question: How do you find these things?

  2. Forums give great opportunity to looneys everywhere!

  3. A moran is, of course, a Masai tribal warrior.

    Margaret Moran was a british labour-party member of parliament, currently being prosecuted in regard to allegations that she stole/fraudulently claimed over £80,000 in expenses.


  4. @Caroline - Usually I am googling something else and these are provided by google as a bonus. Then I go there and forget what I was originally trying to google. :)

    @Adullamite - I think the plural is fori. Looni fori. Perhaps not. I'll bet you are on a LOT of forums, eh? :)

    @Soubriquet - Some people call folks who belong to a certain religious sect morans. But that is probably a wrong spelling. I didn't know about Margaret. Sounds correct, though. I didn't kjnow about British Labour parties either. Bet their parties are fun affairs. Those wacky British Labours. Always partying. Persecuted alligators? Not a clue. Moreon this later.



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