Sunday, October 23, 2011

News Corp. will save our schools

Rupert Murdock shakes hands with former New York City schools chief (and now News Corp. Employee - by a remarkable coincidence) Joel Klein.


The future of education has arrived.

Rrrrrupert is Rrrrready. Ready to enter the U.S. education "market", that is. Americans can soon leave their damnable and degrading dismal dumbness behind if Rupert has his way. Virtual classrooms are the answer. No traditional classrooms, desks or chalkboards. Just computers. Computers running Rrrrrrupert's Rrrrremarkable Rrrrrevolutionary software, of course.

Rupert has been quietly developing virtual-learning and technology-driven products which are now apparently ready to unveil at a K-12 school near YOU!

Students rounded up into cubicle corrals like a Pakistani ShamWOW call-fulfillment center, staring intelligently at monitors and going at their own speed. It's learning in the fast lane, I tell ya, college by age 7 for some. Jebeezus but it is hard to sit still as I write this.

What do we want? "EDUCATION!"

When do we want it? "NOW!"

Who da man? "RRRRRRUPERT!"

Who gonna pay? "YOU ARE!"

Who gonna make money? (All together now) "RRRRRRRR---"


  1. And this is recent?
    Heaven be praised!
    Only a few weeks ago, poor old Rupert was too confused and far gone with Alzheimers and senile dementia to answer questions in the british parliament about criminal activities carried out by his minions, Now here he is championing a new wave of education (or indoctrination).
    Oh brave new world.

  2. Look up the front page of his 'Sun' newspaper and determine what sort of education awaits!

  3. Adullamite, I watch his Fox News channel a lot, which is the largest and most popular in the U.S., so I am aware that he can put out a top-quality product. Sorry the Brits are less demanding. They get what they want and demand, of course. I don't think we're ready for 100% machine education yet though.

  4. Rrrrupert Rrrrrules, Souby! That's the kind of memory I want! Just as long as I don't forget what banks my money is in!

  5. Yes, this is recent. October something 2011. Apparently the amnesia is fading for the elderly gent.

  6. I will look up the Sun if that is the one that has naked women pictures. I don't want to be dragged through boring factual news.

  7. I thought you already had machine education or at least machine exams. Tick the right box...

    If you're thinking of looking at the Sun, just go straight to page 3. It'll save you a lot of time.

  8. Some large tests are graded by a machine, I think. No robot teachers yet.

  9. You watch Fox News? Who would have thunk it....?

  10. I've just had a request to send cards to some children in Australia, three of them. They live on a cattle ranch so remote that they can't get to school, so they learn through School of the Air. That really must be quite desolate having so little immediate contact with teachers or other children.

  11. I like the concept of virtual classrooms and computer education; I don't like sole sourcing it.

  12. @Sheila - You didn't send the cards, did you? Little beggars. :)

    @Stephanie Barr - I don't like it. The thought of no teachers to harass or girls to chase makes one wonder why even bother having school. So what would your virtual school do for socialization? I guess texting is enough nowadays. Maybe watch some old timers dancing at a prom on tv now and then. :)

  13. @Adullamite - I have "settled" on Fox News after watching the rest. It is the same as the others (they don't give news, either) but it is more entertaining. It is more interesting than the earnest liberals with their eyes and veins bugging out and fawning over dirty protesters. Fox have bears falling out of trees onto trampolines.



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