Thursday, December 29, 2011

A2C Oddbody, Clarence D.

"It comes in mighty handy down here, bub."

When is the last time someone called you bub?

The D is for dumbass.

I once wrote an alternative screenplay for this, seeing as how it is in the public domain and all, but it had no takers, producers-wise. In my version, Uncle Billy is beaten up severely by a street gang on the way home from the bank and Mr. Potter is ratted out by his wheelchair pusher and spends his last years in prison for grand larceny. In an optional plot twist, he becomes a prison bitch to an Italian immigrant guard.

Clarence ends up with Mary in my version.


  1. Are you becoming bitter and twisted? I hope not. I prefer the original version, saccharine sweet though it may have been.

  2. But in the original, Potter is never made to account for the money he stole. The whole town had to donate money to cover his thievery.

    Billy just needed to be beat up. There's no getting around it.

  3. Well, yes, I see what you mean. But poor old Billy - nobody needs to be beaten up.

  4. @A. - If you don't think Uncle Billy is overdue for a beating, you need to watch the movie again. :)

    I also had an optional scene where Eustace nailed Vi in the vault.

  5. While Ernie the cop watched and played Romanian folk songs on his accordion.

    Do you think this is drifting into fan fiction?



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