Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Al Gore has left the melting icecaps and has. Not died.

Giant Algore face with evil global warming eye spotted over Copenhagen yesterday morning.

With apologies to Soubriquet for stealing the picture he stole. And apologies to those of you who think man can control the climate. I am trying ever so hard to take you seriously, though not as seriously as you take yourself. But I will do my part, just in case. (I am starting by not flying a jet to Copenhagen or living in a huge house like Algore.)

Ok, you know what REALLY bothers me? I've been hiding it. What REALLY bothers me is there are a LOT more polar bears now than there were 10 years ago. Can you imagine how many there would be if they were not as endangered as brother Gore says they are? HOLY HOPPING HARRY. We would be up to our armpits in polar bears!

Peace. Happy Hanukkah.


  1. Given your credulity, why not vacation in balmy Venus, just to demonstrate the greenhouse effect is "nonsense"?

  2. See, that's why it's so hard to take you loons seriously! Just those kind of remarks!

    If you ask 10 scientists, you will get 11 opinions. One of them (who has actually done 20 years of research and knows MUCH more about it than 99% of you and me and our friends) says CO2 is still going out into space like it always has. You are jumping on the greenhouse wagon just because you heard someone say it was true. YOU haven't done any research. How do you explain those "bounce back" charts and graphs being faked, huh? You don't like to talk about that.

    Don't talk about Venus. You only sound even more crazy when you do.

    Anyway, I SAID I will do my part, just in case. And I am. And you KNOW I am. I will try to find a subject to write about that you agree with. Let me think.

  3. Goes out into space? Are you kidding me, Relax Max? I don't claim to be a climate scientist, but I don't assume hundreds (if not thousands) are working together to hide the truth from the public for no motive whatsoever.

    However, I AM a rocket scientist. Heavier molecules go out into space last, with the light stuff flung off if they get too hot which is why Venus has PLENTY of CO2 and little to no hydrogen (though there are some indications it might once have had oceans - water, as I'm sure you know, has hydrogen in it).

    By the way, neither space scientists nor climatologists can explain why Venus is so freakin' hot. Our models vastly underestimate the actual temperature. As, indeed, the "scaremongering" global warming models have, in fact, underpredicted the increases in temperature over the past decade and the massive ice loss.

    I don't claim to be an expert where I'm not, but I do understand weather and climate are not interchangeable. I have read the peer reviewed papers. Have you?

    Do you know how many peer reviewed papers debunk the notion of anthropological climate change? I'll give you a hint - you can count them on one hand (if there are any at all). Why? Because the data doesn't fit.

    The only place you see these arguments are in the public media, where facts are not required, sadly. When someone has enough science to come up with another credible explanation, let me know. An assertion with no data, no science to back it, means naught.

    As I don't have the science know-how to challenge the results of experts on this topic (and a lot of experience dealing with trying to explain complex subjects to laymen who just don't want to believe no matter what), I will not join the witchhunt that fails to provide a single alternate science story that makes sense.

    But enjoy your pitchforks and torches. Far be it from me to drag us from the dark ages.

  4. Apart from Dan Dare, I don't believe humans had a great deal to do with climate change on Venus. So are Venusians messing with their atmosphere?

  5. Don't know, though there's no evidence of life, but not sure that precludes it once having been there.

    The point is that extra CO2 in the atmosphere has been demonstrably tied to climate effects (an oceanic effects, etc). And people can be demonstrably tied to the increased levels of CO2. Glaciers and other ice levels have dropped drastically, though, fortunately, so far much of the loss is over water (like the arctic circle) where the water level doesn't change as a result. However, even our most pessimistic models a decade ago underpredicted how much melting there is today.

    As RM once told me, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, calling it a duck makes sense (I'm paraphrasing).

  6. I'm not trying to say we'll end up like Venus, though no one's sure exactly how that happened, EXCEPT we're pretty confident CO2 was a factor. Which makes Venus an example of what greenhouse warming can do (not what it will do here, your deity of choice willing).

    My point was that, if you think too much CO2 can't have serious effects on global temperature, take a look at a (literally) shining example of truly worst case, Venus, who, otherwise, makes a fairly nice twin for us here.

    I've always found it sad no one talks about going to Venus, even though it has an atmosphere and is closer. You'd think it would be the prime opportunity. It's just too hot and not a little caustic, what with all the sulfuric acid.

  7. Just for clarification: this post was not meant to reopen the global warming debate. It was only about a picture taken in northern Norway yesterday morning that people are trying to explain. Adding Al Gore's face is my personal explanation. The only other link to global warming is that there is a meeting of hypocrites in another nearby Scandinavian country going on. It seemed an almost plausible explanation of the celestial phenomenon - and more fun than the theory of a failed missile shot from a Russian submarine which is making the rounds. Only a news item gone wrong. Sorry to have rocked the boat again. The polar bear thing is connected to algore.

    But your rash remarks can't go without rebuttal. Forthcoming.

  8. I knew this would happen. Leave it to you, and know I will be doing research also.

  9. It's always the end of the world as we know it, and it is often good old human beings who are to blame for this sad state of events.

    There was a time, before 1920, when there was zero lead in the air breath-then some smart person decided to put lead in gasoline and we now have tons of the stuff floating around us.

    People have invented a few things that will be around forever-most plastics are immortal and will never, ever decompose to base elements that be reabsorbed into the normal cycle of life on earth.

    In the past two hundred years we have changed many of the fundamental rules that govern how life on earth works. To say that Nature cannot be effected by our actions is a wonderful bit of faith in nature.

    The dinosaurs were around for a couple of hundred million years, but it took an outside force to put an end to their reign. We are doing a fine job of killing ourselves off after only a few decades of serious scientific study.

    We don't even need the handful of mad scientists that show up in the movies, we just need to keep do what we're doing now.

  10. Look from space (we can - we have the pictures). Our fingerprints have changed the face of our planet as no other creature ever has.

  11. My nephew will be happy to know about the polar bears. And I'm stealing Stephanie's "deity of your choice willing."

  12. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

  13. A full unicorn's a bit tricky, will unicorn steaks do?

  14. A strangely concise comment from me.
    Yes, I think the evidence shows that global warming is occurring.
    No, I'm not too troubled by it. If the world is unviable for humans within a hundred years, I won't be there to see it any way.
    I believe the biggest threat to the planet is humanity. I believe unchecked population growth is the worst thing that can happen to developing countries.
    Remember, folks, famine and plague and natural disaster and war have historically controlled population.
    By feeding the populations of desert areas we create the situation where more children for whom there are no local resources continue to be born and survive.
    Fewer people = less carbon footprint, more forest.

  15. "famine and plague and natural disaster and war" - they all seem a long way from being eradicated. Now if we could get people to understand that birth control education is not an evil (and deserves funding), we might be able to take another step.

  16. Just a minute! "With apologies to Soubriquet for stealing the picture he stole."?????

    How do you mean, "stole"?
    The original guy's still got his picture, i've got mine, now you've got one too...

    Whereas, if i steal a book from the library, and then you steal it from me, the library's short of a book, and I don't have it either. But you do.

    We both propagated it.
    Like someone who steals an apple in order to grow another apple tree from its pips..

  17. Wow. Who knew my disdain for algore would turn out to be so devisive?

    @ Stephanie B - You seem pretty sure of yourself. All the space pictures of Earth I've seen show a pretty blue planet with wispy clouds. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to answer but you cracked me up with your Venus comments and when I recovered you made me hysterical again with your "peer review" comment. You should have been a standup comedian. I must regain my composure. Are you SURE the temperature on the various planets aren't somehow related to their relative distance from the sun, and not so much CO2? Hmmmm.

    When every peer you have thinks the same way you do and accepts the same things as "facts", the outcome is pretty much assured. No, there are actual good scientists who don't believe what you believe. Honest.

    But that begs the point. Over the months, I have always said "I don't know" about global warming. But even if we don't have it, I still want to see our air and water clean and am willing to help force polluters to clean up their act.

    The only other point I've made consitantly over the months is that Al Gore is a money-grubbing ignorant opportunistic cocksucker. That's all. We can get along.

  18. Sheila, who is Dan Dare? Virginia's brother? Was he really a Venezuelan? Or however that planet's inhabitants are spelled? Amazing! :)

    Hi Ettarose. What did I do wrong NOW? You come and you go in the night and never stick around. Are you really real? :)

    Hello, Descartes. Your comment is so scholarly. And I agree. By God. I DO believe, with you, that what man does CAN affect our planet, and I am really glad our government took action so many years ago so that our water and air is so much cleaner than it was 45 years ago. No more steel plants belching fire and brimstone into the atmosphere, no more chemical plants with pipes draining off chemsludge directly into rivers. And a lot of improvements. I'm not sure what the dinosaurs did to bring on their fate, but I hope we don't do whatever they did. I'm sure algore can tell us.

    Wait, you said we are BAD now instead of much better than we were then. Never mind.

  19. Janet, the polar bears have been counted very carefully by the dedicated global warmers for a long time. The census must really irk them. My theory is that polar bears love warmth and it makes them amorous. I could be wrong. Thank you for returning from your long world tour. :)

    Soubriquet, yes-strangely concise. But pithy. I do believe you are right about excess population, but what can you do? Thomas Malthus was right, but then they made people stop smoking. And better health care to make people live longer. Don't get me started. Just don't.

    Sheila, we have plennnnnnty of birth control education. They even give away free condoms in our high school. As usual, I have theory - poor people have so few choices for recreational outlets...

    Soubriquet, again, you are so right. One can't really steal a digital picture, can they? One can only duplicate it. I like that thought. :)

  20. Ummm... I meant to say that Al Gore is an opportunistic bloodsucker. I am getting new keyboard for Christmas.

  21. Al Gore...
    Vatican-approved population control....
    would that be an
    Al Gore Rhythm?

  22. I get it. Har! Your devious mind never stops. (It almost did this time, but still funny.) :)



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