Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Global warming and stuff

They are still in Copenhagen. All of them. All in their wondrous non-carbon-emitting personal jets.

I was watching Dennis Miller tonight and he opined that if they REALLY wanted to reduce their carbon footprints, especially in this day and age, they would have just scheduled a big teleconference. I agree. But algore's ego is much too large for a measly teleconference, and the leader of the free world MUST zoom across the sea on Air Force One.

Did you know it isn't Air Force One if the president isn't aboard? Probably.

Dennis also pointed out the irony of the Copenhagen protesters today being led away by the police in those cute plastic handcuffs. Not biodegradable, those.

Also making my day was a public apology by that smartass "View" loon Joy Behar for calling one of Tiger Woods' "mistresses" a hooker. I know I was shocked at the thought.

December 8th was the 29th anniversary of John Lennon's death. He was 40.

Blogging is likely to be sparse until after the holidays when Clarity 2009 will be no more.

Peace and Zuzu's petals to you all. 2010 just HAS to be better.


  1. Happy Christmas Max, and a peaceful new year xx

  2. There's nothing wrong with pointing out the hypocrisy of people getting together to complain that enough is not being done. I'm the telecon queen and never travel if I can dial in.

    The plastic handcuffs are reusable if you do it right, but most don't bother. But they might be recyclable plastic.

    Did know about Air Force One.

    Didn't know (or care) about what's going on with Tiger Woods.

    I'm all for peace and Zuzu's petals.

  3. So I guess this means something along the lines of Clarity2010 will be in the offing?

    My favorite Air Force One story was when good old Tricky Dickie was flying home and about halfway there he was no longer President and the plane was no longer Air Force One.

  4. @Sage - I wish all the same happiness to you and yours. Be safe in your new home and happy in the new year. Thank you for your blog loyalty, too. :)

    @Stephanie B - Thanks for your Tiger Woods vote of confidence. I will be sure to send updates your way. :)

    And thank YOU for your challenging comments this past year too! Next year I promise to try and be more serious.

    @Descartes - What a great idea, Jon! I was going to call the new blog "Transparency2009" but I like your idea MUCH better! :)

    They should have made Tricky Dicky walk home.

  5. "They should have made Tricky Dicky walk home."

    But should they have stopped first? And, if no, what about a parachute?

  6. What are Zuzu petals? I need to know, and I'm assuming you don't mean the French restaurant. Not you.

  7. Zuzu is the little girl in the picture, (It's a Wonderful Life) who brought home a flower her teacher had given her and caught a cold because she "hadn't closed her coat because she didn't want to crush it."

    The petals came off and she gave them to her father who put them in his pocket just before he had a mental breakdown and wished he had never been born. The movie's all about seeing what the world would have been like without him (worse) and minus the petals in his pocket because his little girl had never been born. When he gets his life back, one of the first things he notices is Zuzu's petals.

  8. I am for Zuzu's petals.
    I am against ZhooZhoo pets.

    I hope we have Clarity 2010. Or maybe Instigator 2010.

  9. I am an instigator. I will admit that. Sometimes I think we are ALL instigators - no wonder this blog goes in circles.



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