Saturday, March 6, 2010


*American Association Against Acronym Abuse
SOH (Sense of humor)
GSOH (Good sense of humor)
SOHF (Sense of humor failure)
LSHITIPAL (Laughing so hard I think I peed a little)
SoHo (South of Huston)
AAK (Asleep at keyboard)
AB (Ass backwards)
QCD (Quarterly charm deficiency)
QFT (Quit fucking talking)
QT (Cutie)
FAWC (For anyone who cares)
FBKB (Failure between keyboard and brain)
FCOL (For crying out loud)
FDGB (Fall down go boom)
FISH (First in, still here)
TABOOMA (Take a bite out of my ass)
TAF (That's all, folks)

There are over 23,000 more of these shown in this dopey dictionary I found today. I will list the rest in my next post. Probably.


  1. I literally can't learn any more acronyms. I reached acronym saturation about ten years ago with a Hubble servicing mission I was working. 54 pages of acronyms, single spaced, two columns of just Hubble space telescope specific acronyms. That wasn't counting the extravehicular activity specific ones or the plethora of Shuttle and NASA specific ones.

    If I learn a new acronym, I lose one of the ones I already knew. And I have no control over which one. For instance, I used to know what NASA stood for.

  2. NASA? He was the president of Egypt... Or the capital of the Bahamas..

  3. Although Europe does acronyms, the U.S. is the recognised world leader in acronym invention and manufacture. This is one industry in which the far eastern conglomerates have yet to make significant inroads.
    amateur acronym builders remain overawed at the (especially) US government's ability to take a simple thing and invent a tortuous eight-letter acronym, often having to change the name or the purpose of an item, tool, or person in order to make it compliant with its chosen acronym.

    In 2012, we confidently expect the US will take the gold in acronyms in the London Olympics.

    My favourite american acronym is 'FUBAR'

  4. You forgot SNAFU, which seems to cover this whole business admirably.

  5. @Stephanie B - I never have been very good at remembering what the letters stand for, unless it is to help me remember something, like Roy V. Gib for the colors of the rainbow.

    @Soubriquet - NASA was indeed the head honcho of the UAE (Not Egypt. He didn't call it Egypt then. Egypt WAS the UAE. Didn't he and Warren G. Harding have the same middle name? No? I always got Nasser and Yassir mixed up. But the capital of the Bahamas is named after an insurance company in Wisconsin. Wausau. Try to keep those straight.

    The 2012 Olympics will be near LHR? I knew it was somewhere in the EU but I had thought in the old GDR rather than the UK.

    @Janet - SNAFU. Yes! A time-honored WWII American GI invention. And I just KNOW you don't know what it stands for. :)



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