Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Setting the bar

Dennis Miller, referring to the current crop of politicians in Congress:

"The last time I saw the bar set that low was at a dwarf's wake."


  1. They're a very special breed, politicians. They probably all descend from the same line, probably Æthelred, son of Penda.

  2. I loike your blog... i will be back. got to love Dennis Miller.

  3. @A. - Ethelred? Æthelred? ÆthelrÆd? Mr. Ed? I don't think Barney Frank is descended from a Panda. I will have to read up on that. You are well over my head. But I agree politicians are bred specially. On a mink farm. Make that Emu farm.

    I must look up this king to learn more about your cunning comment. I will return.

    @Jeff King - Thank you for your visit. I do hope we see you again. We could use a little sanity on this blog. :)



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