Sunday, October 17, 2010

Odds and Ends. Mostly odds.

When traveling in the U.S., there are many out of the way, sometimes odd, attractions that are sometimes worth the trip off the beaten path. Sometimes not. I remember in the movie "Michael" he insisted on detouring so he could see "The World's Biggest Ball of String" somewhere in Iowa. The world largest skillet was in Indiana, wasn't it? I guess not - they were on their way to Chicago. Somewhere, though. Here's some more odds and ends I have visited or have heard of. If you don't live in the U.S., some of these may not be worth the airline ticket to get here.


"The Southwest Arkansas Toothbrush Museum"

This one is in the town of Hope, or close by. This one is a joke, of course, since there aren't any toothbrushes in SW Arkansas. Apparently there was ONE tourist who left one in the motel when he left. That's the one that is in the museum. Odd, that two presidential candidates have come from Hope, Arkansas, in the past few years and both of them were governors of Arkansas before they ran for President. One of them actually made it, but his wife ran the country while he sat in his office and smoked big cigars.

"Museum of Camouflage"

Once, while driving through the wilds of southern Missouri, not really as far from Hope as you might have imagined, I stopped off at Fort Leonard Wood specifically to see the U.S. Army's famous Museum of Camouflage. The building proved too hard to find, though, so I finally just left, my curiosity unsatisfied. It wasn't THAT much of a disappointment since I have seen camouflage before. I think.
Honorable mentions:

Also in southern Missouri (I think) is the "National Chainsaw Hall of Fame Museum and Pigsnort Indian War Memorial." A twofer.

We don't have Route 66 going through there (officially) anymore, so you won't find that many snake pits or large balls of string anymore. However, if you are willing to travel a few miles off I-44 near Joplin, I once stopped at a flea market there where there was this guy in a white flannel suit who, for $15, would let you spit on him. No museum, though.


  1. I think they're a perfect way to plan a journey. :)

  2. We have a Museum of the Shirt here, which I've been avoiding for about seven years. Maybe I should give it a try.

  3. I agree with Sheila, this is a great post. But then you know me, I love stuff like this ;)

    The giant nickel in Sudbury, Ontario is the only comparable thing I've seen. It certainly was big. And it was a nickel.

  4. i love it thx for the info, great work.

  5. Museum of Camouflage?
    If you ever find it, it's failed.

    Just imagine... they'd have a big empty room with a roped off area, bearing a plaque: "Stealth Fighter"...
    And a window looking out onto a peaceful vista of hills, lakes, woods... with a sign by it, saying "56th Armored Brigade"....

  6. I can't believe the tags/labels are Odds and Ends. :) I saw the string in Meet the Fockers and read about it in a Picoult novel. She always kills someone important in the book. Not that, that has anything to do with this post. Meh.

  7. @A. - The museum of the shirt. Please give us a full report. Don't lose yours. Har Har. :)

    @Sheila - The always sell postcards. :)

    @Lidian - Thank you! It really WAS a great post, wasn't it? You probably don't think I know where Sudbury is but I do. I can't imagine anyone actually going there, unless they are on the way up to the Soo, but I know where it is. :) Yes, I know you like things like this. I won't do it anymore. Sorry.

    @Jeff King - Thanks Jeff. I was only kidding about the camouflage museum. I guess you got that. :)

    @Soubriquet - I'm glad you got it. I am so subtle.

    @Patchwork - Don't be critiquing my labels. :) Mystery novels. Sigh. So she killed somebody with a ball of string then?



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