Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where in the world are we? Can you tell?

Is this Windsor Castle?
(No, not Windsor Castle) Is this Toyota's world headquarters?
No, not Toyota Either. You are standing on St. Charles Street in New Orleans, USA, with your back to Tulane University accross the street. This is Loyola University. Who knew that?


  1. I didn't like to point out that it probably wasn't Windsor Castle, though there are similarities with some views, and I did wonder at the strange placement of the Windsor Castle caption. I should have guessed you were up to your usual tricks. But I would never have known where it was.

    Where's the purist now, then? :)

  2. I didn't know, though I've noted a good deal of beautiful architecture at a number of universities.

  3. Obviously not Windsor... Too few tourists, no corgis.

  4. Kindly desist from publishing pictures of my family home, or I'll have you horse-whipped, you impudent puppy!

    (that's whipped, with a whole horse, by the way.)

  5. Dear Saint: I think your family home is in Spain. I could be wrong. Besides, this is only a cardboard facade. :)

    Go Jesuits, though. Hoowah.

  6. Yes, our house is just a cardboard facade. We live in a double-wide just behind it.

  7. I knew it wasn't the castle, but I didn't know it was Loyola, though I have heard of that worthy institution. I was only in New Orleans once and didn't get to see the universities. What? Yes, I was on Bourbon Street! I admit it! leave me alone.



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