Friday, January 15, 2010

Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee

Printed on a loaf of Sara Lee bread:

"We are so confident that you will love our Bakery Breads that we guarantee their taste. If for any reason you are not satisfied, call toll free 1-800-889-3556 or visit and we will gladly replace the product."

Dear Sara Lee:

If I am not satisfied with your product, why would I want you to replace it? Would it taste different? Would I love the replacement more than I loved the first one? If not, would I have to call you again? When would this ever end? That's not a guarantee. Just give me my money back.

Relax Max

Dear Mr/Ms Max, Relax:

We are happy to hear you enjoy our [insert product line here] products enough to write and tell us. Print out the coupon below and enjoy .10 off on your next purchase of [insert product line here]. Again, thank you for your patronage.


Dear Sara Lee:

Somebody doesn't like Sara Lee. Me. And your 800 number doesn't work. Also, I feel your email was unresponsive to my question. Tell you what: the next time I am at the store, I am going to accidentally drop a loaf of your bread on the floor and accidentally step on it. Then you can credit the store. I will continue doing this every time I go shopping until I feel better.

Relax Max


  1. I *accidentally* laughed. Loved the comic you have here.

  2. Somebody doesn't like the awkward double negative of Sara Lee's annoying little tagline, too (that would be me). ;)

  3. I'd never seen it in print. I always thought it was "Nobody does it like Sara Lee."

    What were they thinking? Someone got paid for that?

  4. I think that's for the inner child in us, that one who remembers the invisible friend.

    Who broke that? "Mr Nobody did it"...
    And Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee......

    And if Sara Lee doesn't..... Nobody emulates her.

  5. @Stephanie B - OMG I've stumbled across that which you find funny! :)

    I didn't think the slogan was very good, either. And Sara Lee was ugly anyway. Her and Mrs. Smith. And Marie Colander. And Betty Crocker. Somebody ought to do a blog about those fake women. Maybe Lidian will expose them.

    @Lidian- I don't not doubt you for a minute. Give us a post on the progression and modernization of the image of Betty Crocker. She must be on old ads.

    Do do what you do do but do do it well.

    @Soubriquet - Ummm... you took the words right out of my mouth. :)

  6. The slogan, and comments remind me of the slogan used here for a popular headache pill, "Nothing acts faster than Anadin!"
    I remember arguing about it with a friend. No way could he understand my insistence that the advert was in fact a negative recommendation, and that taking anadin would prolong the headache, as compared with not taking anadin.
    I gave up when he threatened to thump me.

  7. I can't understand why he would want to thump you. I understand you perfectly. That's probably a bad thing...

  8. It probably is. I rarely understand me perfectly.



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