Friday, January 1, 2010

Windsor Clarity

Windsor Chair...
Windsor Castle?...
Half-Windsor and Full Windsor knots...
Full Windsor person...
Half-Windsor? ...
Wet Windsor...
Windsor, Ontario...
1939 Chrysler Royal Windsor...
Winds are strong today...
Wins are rare in Detroit...
Hot Windsor. Cute Windsor. You cannot believe how tired I am of this idea. There are ENDLESS Windsors!!!!


  1. You forgot to mention the fact that the name Windsor was largely to cover the fact that the "British" Royal family was almost entirely German (and a some Danish) by that point. George V decreed the family name change, but his son was the first in generations to actually marry a Brit.

  2. Didn't forget. Just couldn't find a picture of the name change. :)

    George V's son married an American.

  3. Sorry. Had to throw that in. Ok, the OTHER son married a nice British lady.

    Name me a Dane without going to google.

  4. I thought not. And it was so easy...

  5. @A. @ A Changing Life - I have to admit to the similarity, but I'm sure it is only coincidental. Don't start trouble. :)

  6. I was just telling you about Peter Schmeichel - a famous Dane, maybe even a great Dane. Almost as well-known as Hamlet.

    Never mind, to get back to the point, you didn't mention brown Windsor soup. Therein lies much opportunity.

    Half Windsor? I doubt even that much.

  7. Woods of Windsor. Once apothecaries to the royal family, now disappointingly global makers of scented things. But they do have a pretty little shop in Windsor still, even if the products are the same as anywhere else. I bet you're fascinated with that.

  8. Edward VII's wife, Alexandra of Denmark.

    Like I'd have to go to google it. What, I'm going to just sit here in case you answer back?




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