Friday, August 20, 2010

"Bunny and Clod" behind bars finally, after 3-week crime wave

You may have heard about the saga of a middle-aged Arizona prison escapee of three weeks ago and his female accomplice who threw wire cutters over the prison fence so he could cut a hole and leave with two buddies. Said buddies were captured earlier, but the middle-aged lothario, who had many more tatoos than brains, has been on the lam with his honey in various states for the last three weeks, providing considerable news fodder on the evening news. Unfortunately, the two killed an elderly couple in New Mexico and the chase got serious right away.

Today (8-19-10) a park ranger noticed a couple of guests at a campsite looked suspicious and called for backup. Sure enough it was renegade Joe Toothless and his squeeze. "Backup" turned out to be a S.W.A.T. team and the camp was soon surrounded by U.S. Marshals. King Dork refuses to go down so they take him down and his distraught mate Daisy Mae Dipshit pulls out a handgun on the cops, then takes a better look at the many assault rifles pointed at her, realizes she may be in the process of making a bad bargain, and drops her pistol.

As an officer stoops to pick up the handgun, one of the other cops warns him to be careful how he handles it because it might be the murder weapon.

Sleazy Sally pipes up, "Oh, no. The murder weapon is still in the tent."


How do these people manage to survive from day to day with only a meager teaspoonful of brains? Incidentally, not that it matters, because they are both idiots in their own right, the lovely lovers are also first cousins.

Bonnie Bumpkus was all courteous with the lady judge. Only yes ma'am and no ma'am escaped her loony lips. A million dollars bail was set despite her politeness.

The tatooed chomper-challenged Elmer Gump fared no better in the bail department.

Unfortunately the victims were killed in New Mexico, so no death penalty to worry about.


  1. That's funny! As Palin Republicans, right? But they are a bit too intelligent for that, I think.

    Wait! I've got it! Scottish judges!

  2. Glad to hear it... hope he gets whats goming to him.

    life in prison would not be justice!



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