Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's about drugs, stupid!

What are the options of a country that is being invaded by drug cartels who have the latest military weapons and military vehicles? What if they are targeting your Border Patrol and the state police, and killing them? What if their own country can't or won't control them? What if they control border towns of their own country, and even large cities?

Another Arizona deputy sheriff was killed in Pinal county recently. It never seems to stop.

Well, ONE solution would be for the president of the besieged country to send military troops to guard the integrity of it's border and protect its citizens and its sovereignty.

Our previous president, Bush, and several before him did nothing but hide their heads in the sand.

Our current President, one Barack Obama, has decided the best way to combat the invasion of the drug cartels is to put up signs in the desert such as the one shown above, warning American citizens not to travel in their own country.

Well, that's more than Bush or Reagan did, at least.

Actually, Mr. Obama has a two-pronged defense strategy. In addition to putting up warning signs in the desert, he also has a program of suing individual states who, in desperation, try to protect themselves.

The drug cartels and the American progressives are beaming with pride.

So you think it is all about the persecution of some poor "illegal immigrants" who are just looking for a better life? It may interest you to know that the charge for being smuggled into the country across our southern border is no longer paid in money, but in agreeing to carry drugs.

Not that you care.


  1. Equating illegal aliens with the drug trade is smug and self-serving stereotyping that not everyone is willing to do. Every illegal alien is a drug smuggler like every unemployed person is a lazy slacker. I.e., ain't so.

    I won't, however, call you names.

  2. I agree with the premise, just not the broad brush that you used to paint the picture.

    But it is a valid point, and hope someday we find an appropriate answer.

  3. Hmmmm I suppose if Bush had spent less time in needless illegal attacks on Iraq he would have had more time to protect his own nation eh?

  4. It's interesting that the U.S. seems to think it can control Afghanistan's borders, but can't look after its own. I keep reading of people being bullied at Canadian border crossings, I guess it's easier there, where the smugglers are shifting poutine.

    I have read that there are plans to use aerial surveillance to watch the southern borders, which explains the excitement over the recent successes with long duration high-altitude solar-powered drones.
    I've read of the human trafficking through the desert, of the bodies found there, people told to keep going north, with almost no water, trying to carry children as well as their belongings.
    Perhaps the u.s. troops in the middle east could redeploy, and teach Mexico how to be a nation, just like they've taught Iraq.

  5. Odd that the only actual Arab terrorists that I've heard about in the news who were stopped and bomb materials confiscated, were at the Canadian border, not Mexico.

    Not sure what overseas wars have to do with our poor border security or drug smuggling problem. Perhaps you can tie it together for me more obviously. I am a simple man.

  6. @Adullamite - I agree with you, more or less. You are close to being 100% right, using your hindsight that Bush and Blair weren't privy to. And, with that perfect hindsight, I would have done it much differently. But, tell me, how did you feel about this before your country attacked Iraq? Were you against it then? If so, what was YOUR intelligence? (I know what the British intelligence said.) Why do you feel that following and enforcing the U.N. resolutions was illegal? That part, i have never understood.

  7. Look at your government's own figures to see how ineffectual your border surveillance is at detecting and detaining people seeking to do harm.
    And then look at the way in which innocent travellers are treated.

    An acquaintance of mine had a nail-file confiscated by Homeland Security. As he pointed out, it hardly made the plane safer, knowing that this nailfile could no longer be used against the pilot. Seeing as he was the pilot.

    As for overseas wars, well, the point is, afghanistan, despite long-term occupation by foreign troops, (who, at the time of their original deployment, had as one of their aims, the cessation of afghan heroin production), has increased its production of heroin tenfold since the 2001 invasion.

    There is still no credible Afghan government, nothing whatever to show for all those years of fighting, except a growing recruitment to extremism.

    I imagine if the U.S. were to offer to send troops to 'assist' mexican forces in the eradication of their narcotraficantes, there would be a similar huge operation resulting in a glut of drugs, and stronger cartels.



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