Friday, August 27, 2010

Clod part II

I see in my local papers (Bunny and Clod were captured not far from where I live, so the story is still being followed here) that Clod has explained to the police that only one bullet was required to kill the man, one to the head, but that three were required to kill the wife. He also complained about the huge quantity of blood they produced and how that was why they had to finally burn the camper trailer with the bodies still in it. They did let the dogs out and leave food for them before they left.

My thoughts now - and Soubriquet will be thinking along the same lines, I'm sure - is how the trial will unfold once the lawyers get their hands on it. According to Souby's and my old-fashioned thinking, these dolts should now simply be taken out back and shot once behind each ear, Chinese style. There were murders and the murderers have confessed and described how it happened. What more do we need?

What more indeed. Years of trials and money, that's what.


  1. "Once behind each ear"?

    Surely just once behind one ear will be enough, if we use a shotgun?

  2. Or they could be arranged head to head, and do the whole job with just one loud bang?

    As you imply, once the lawyers get into it, and the mental health referrals, and the sad stories of broken homes, childhood abuse, drug use, poor schooling, the waters will be muddied and folk will lose track of the reality. No matter what reason they became so, these are cold blooded, cold hearted killers, and should never be let out again, nor should they be allowed to see a blue sky again after they took away their victims' lives.



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