Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Chosen One is in Europe for a few days

President Obama is the best man, the right man, for the job. He is going to get us out of this economic mess Bush got us into. I really respect his intelligence and experience.

April fool.

Okay, so McCain wouldn't have been any better.

Where is a fighter like Gordon Brown when you need him?


  1. Who is Gordon Brown?

    Anyway, you have some blog awards waiting for you HERE. This is not a joke. :-)

  2. Who is Gordon Brown says it all!!! Poor Gordon. :):)

    I used to have to walk past the Houses of Parliament on a regular basis. Sometimes I met interesting people en route. All I can say is, thank the lord I wasn't there today. Even a short cut through Westminster Abbey wouldn't have done the trick, I feel sure.

  3. Sigh, Oh dear, Max I see you are at it again. I must say that all our BS in this country is not just Bush and you know that. It is the greed in this country's government. I think Obama is going to get this country so far into debt my grandchildren's grandchildren will be paying for this. In the meantime Corporate pigs just keep getting richer and richer, politicians keep get slier and slier and will continue to push their fat heads under the sand. Pretty soon newborns birth certificates will say "Made in China"

  4. Jesus. Can no one but me see the words April Fools in this post?

  5. For a moment, I was about to argue, but then I saw "April Fools". Whew. I thought I was going to have to go off.

    Bush screwed up. Obama is screwing up, and McCain would've screwed up too. I voted for Ron Paul, personally.

  6. Jennifer - I agree. They've either screwed up, are screwing up, or would have screwed up.

    The whole thing makes me sicker than I've already been feeling lately. I don't even want to think about it. :-(

  7. This is why I don't do April Fool's jokes. They ALWAYS backfire on me.

  8. Well, thank you all for your opinions anyway. I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Just expressing my feelings about all politicians mostly. I will do better next year. :)

  9. Incidentally, the best way to insure NO ONE sees your comment is to not have a blog and comment anonymously with a spiteful attitude. So, if you want to waste your time, that's how.



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