Tuesday, April 14, 2009

French government takes a stand

According to an AP news story today, the French government has launched a campaign against forced marriages and genital mutilation, seeking to protect women from practices that quietly thrive in immigrant communities the nation is struggling to integrate.

As an American, I haven't had many good thoughts about France lately, but I applaud them for what they are doing to help end this disgrace.

If you are interested, you can read the entire news story here.


  1. I am always pleased when any government takes steps to prevent the misuse of any group of people. Good for them.

  2. Both campaigns are intended to raise awareness and publicise the legal aspects, primarily in the press and online it seems, but also by distributing the leaflets mentioned in the press release.

    Praiseworthy though this undoubtedly is, I'm not sure that they're not missing another aspect - winning over hearts and minds. Many of the people they need to connect with aren't going to be won over by being told what the authorities can do.

    You've prompted me to another post, Max. I need to update - I haven't for some time.

  3. I like those who are prpared to make a stand for something they believe in, well done France



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