Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was thinking today about politics. I don't like to think about politics. Politics makes my head hurt and my mood get nasty.

I divide politics into two parts: those who swim in the cesspool (politicians) and those who encourage the swimmers.

Having long ago given up on the fantasy that any politician is going to to anything good for me personally (or do anything other than further his own position in the cesspool, for that matter) I no longer am disappointed when they do their stupid little things, or when they slowly become more and more unresponsive to the people who elected them to that giant cess pool.

Occasionally, however, when I read the news for example, politics creeps into my thoughts for a few seconds until I can reach the faucet and turn off the stream of effluent. Such a time was this morning.

It was the same old thing. Each side was calling the other side names and telling each other what losers they were and bragging how their side had a master plan to help the poor American people. You know, the usual toilet flush that happens when two groups of ignorant people open their mouths.

Here are some of the labels they spewed forth. Nothing new.

Far Left
Far Right
Religious Right
Left Wing Loons
Bleeding Hearts

Now, I have a hard time identifying with either side, since I love my country and care about the people who live in it. It is also hard for me because I am cursed with having a brain.

I have read long ago, and have recently had it confirmed, that the more people claim to have the real "truth", the more they have everything all neatly figured out, the greater the likelyhood is that they are wrong. Wrong in thinking that they have truth, and wrong about knowing how things really are in this world.

Since I was a very young man, just out of my teenaged years of infinite wisdom, I have concluded that I don't really know that much at all about how things are. So, as far as politics are concerned, I soon became an observer rather than an active participant.

Because I sit just to the left of center on the political spectrum, both sides naturally think I am opposite to them. Being in the center, I am so far to the right of the Lefties that I must seem like a speck on the horizon to them. The same is true for the wild-eyed fanatics on the Right. To them, I am so far to the left I am just another loon who doesn't get it.

That seems to be the key here: people who are different than you, Right or Left, just don't get it. You know how things should be. Your values are right and the other side's values are wrong. And most importantly, your thoughts are obviously correct and the other side's values are obviously wrong and deluded. Smug you both are. You have it all figured out. Well, good for you. Now all you have to do is go back to name-calling and marginalizing the views of non-believers, and thinking up new names to call each other. New slogans like

Tax cuts for the rich
Bush lied about Iraq
Liberals hate America
A contract on America
We won: just get over it
Puke puke puke puke puke puke.

In America, meanwhile, on the streets, the poor get poorer and the rich get poorer and the dream is fading terribly from being walked on by both politicians and their enablers.

I want to try and step on some toes and hurt some feelings with my next few posts, if at all possible. Max has returned to the back porch and has put his feet up on the railing and is ready to spew forth some old cowboy American philosophy that has long gone out of fashion. Your personal oxen are about to get gored. He apologizes for the coming carnage in advance.

I am beginning to think it simply is not possible for me to make a short post. I try. Honest to god, I try. Forgive me Elvira.


  1. Damn, I wish you weren't right. Politics, and the posturing, make me physically ill. No more pointing fingers, thanks, let's roll up the sleeves and get to work.

    What a dreamer I am!

  2. It is sickening when you think about it. If these poor assholes put as much effort into really helping as they do in the finger pointing and name calling we would be a lot better off. Not perfect because there is nothing perfect maybe just better off. Bring it on dear one, bring it on!

  3. The one thing I have learnt from the international contact that the internet provides, is that right, centre, left and all the places in between are all relative. My right wing can be someone else's left. And again, all shades in between.

  4. @Stephanie - Hi Stephanie. Yes, time to roll up our sleeves and sort this mess out IN SPITE of the politicians or others with personal agendas. Time to remember what our country is all about and, above all, that EACH citizen is equally important. So many posts yet to do, and they must all be short! Arrgh! But I've had this on my chest a long time and I'm getting it off. :)

    @Ettarose - Dear, dear Ettarose. I know you are as fed up with this nonsense as I am. If you are ready for the new American Revolution, stay tuned. Take care. :)

    @Sheila - So true. And I believe we need to stop the labeling and come to understand what the REAL issues are. Starting with tomorrow's post, I will tell you what I think the important points of the political spectrum are. And they aren't Right or Left. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe tomorrow would be better spent reminding Americans how and why their country was founded in the first place. Wouldn't hurt. Many of us seem to have forgotten. You fine folks cross the pond could use some reminding too. Because we used to BE you. Send that fiery cousin of yours around and I'll give her an earful too. :)



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