Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby. Baby. Baby.Bayyyy bee.

Ernest Angley Ministries spreads the Gospel into all nations by way of crusades, television, radio, and the printed page. Ernest Angley's Grace Cathedral, in Cuyahoga Falls, is their home base. All seats are free and everyone is welcome.
[For those few of you who are not an Ernest Angley afficionado, Ernest used to scream "Baby! Baby! Bayyyy Beeee!" into deaf people's ears right after he had double-popped them with his cupped hands. He would stand behind them to make sure they weren't reading his lips. Sigh.]

But if you weren't paying close enough attention as a person on the stage awaiting God's healing, Ernest would also cold-cock you ::smak:: in the forehead too, and just lay you out on your back, twitching in the name of Jesus. And of course your odd wheelchair-bound miracle.

Bye Bye Y'all. Jesus and Earnest are taking off in Ernest's jet now.


  1. I felt compelled to look them up. This one believes he can cure AIDS with prayer. Interesting.

  2. @Stephanie B - Ohio.

    I don't want to tell you yet. :)

    @A. - Don't be judgmental. Ernest has a gift.



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