Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kennedy Sister Passes

Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of President John F. Kennedy died Tuesday morning. She was the wife of Sargent Shriver, driving force of the Peace Corps during the Kennedy administration. She was the mother of Maria Shriver, wife of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mrs. Shriver was the founder of the Special Olympics, doing so in honor of her older sister Rosemary, who was mentally disabled and was institutionalized after a failed lobotomy. Eunice Kennedy Shriver died at Cape Cod hospital in Hyanis. She was 88. Her younger siblings Jean Kennedy Smith and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy are the last surviving of the 9 children of Joe and Rose Kennedy.

Mrs. Shriver is survived by her husband, 5 children and 19 grandchildren.


  1. It fascinates me the way so many of these influential families are interconnected, and with the Kennedy family being more than averagely prolific, their influence spreads far and wide. Not unlike European royal families.

  2. She was one the few of the Kennedy's I actually had respect for.(punctuation?)

  3. @A. Like royalty. Harry and Arnold. Spread. "More than your average prolific". I like that. :)

    @Ettarose - not only a superfluous apostrophe but an ending preposition. You are in fine form. For a picky schoolmarm-type person, I mean. But I thought she was ok for a Kennedy too. Soon there will only be Jean. What did SHE do? We'll find out in her obit.



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