Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A need for speed

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Ettarose emptied her piggybank a few days ago and went to satellite broadband. I have always teased her mercilessly about her dialup (she lives out in the sticks and I know her feelings were hurt when I teased her. That's mostly why I teased her.)

Anyway, now the shoe may be on the other foot. I don't think so because I am paying an arm and leg for 7mbs DSL upgrade (the above picture of my desktop a few minutes ago proves I am not getting what I am paying for, of course. The rip-off phone company says it is in my wiring, not theirs. A likely story.) and I live out in the sticks too.

Let's see what you've got Ettarose. Lay your cards on the table.


  1. I must be out in the sticks too, then, because I don't get anything like that speed. Count yourself lucky.

  2. I am lucky in that where I am you get a 8mb speed that is actually 8mb so perhaps the back of beyond is the place to be :-) anyone want to buy my house? lol

  3. Perhaps my explanation was garbled, or more realistically you failed to read the entire rant, but I only had satellite for about one month. That was the times I commented here every day.With satellite you are allowed 7KB, period. It does not start again after 30 days, but rolls like a shit covered stone down a mountain. So if I were to use, say 6kb in the first three weeks of service and then left the computer TOTALLY turned off for one week, saved one half a KB, after the thirty days was up I had a whopping 1 and one half a KB to use. Once I used that one and one half I was out again. I canceled after bitching about the government, yes the government, for the fair use policy. Damn now I am pissed all over again. There will probably never be DSL where I live and I checked with Time Warner on that. And I do not believe you live in the sticks!

  4. @A. - No, you are not "out in the sticks". At least you are in fast company. :)

    @Sage - I think you should insist your estate agent mention your internet speed capability in all showings of your house. Hey, you never know, right? :)

    @Ettarose - I guess I should apologize because this post was really not supposed to see the light of day. It was written back in September when you got your Satellite internet, and was never posted (because it really wasn't that funny.) I was meaning to work on it some more, and so I just saved it as a post to be published "far" in the future, until I got back to it to finish it. At the time, October 28 seemed far in the future. But it came and it published. Please accept my apologies for insulting you. It was meant to be in fun and, as you say, it didn't take into account what happened to your satellite internet later. But you are strong, and you will get over this insulting post. In fact, you will come out a stronger and wiser person for it.

    But I did try to warn you. :)

    I also think, in this time of great wasted stimulus funds, that you should contact brother Obama and have him give your phone company money to provide DSL in your area. It is only fair, since Bernie Madoff is now your neighbor and he is used to better.



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